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  1. Year 2000 - Born in Sochi, Russia. Year 2000 - 2012 - Grew up in Sochi with my sister Savanna, mother Meri and father Jonathan. Had a happy upbringing. Heard about the horrors of the past wars that took place but didn't experience much of it myself first-hand... Until the flu arrived. Year 2012 - Moved to Croatia with my mother and sister. After the flu had arrived, my mother foresaw the chaos that would soon erupt... So she decided it was time to evacuate. Getting out of the country was a challenge, but since my father worked for the Russian government, we managed to make it happen; However, because of that reason, my father was forced to stay in Russia in case his assistance was needed in the future. Year 2012 - 2018 - Once we got ourselves all settled in Croatia, I started exchanging letters with my father. The subject of our conversations usually revolved around general things like what life is like in Croatia and how we're all managing here. I often asked when he would be able to visit us, or the other way around - but due to the increasing complications caused by the spread of the flu, this was not possible. Year 2018 - 2019 - Somewhere in the second half of 2018, the letters from my father suddenly stopped arriving. We wrote & wrote, but each time we never received a reply back. We were all worried & confused. My sister and mother each handled this in their own way, however, I had to find out what happened. "Why isn't my father writing back? What's going on?" were the questions that popped into my mind daily. I decided I would figure out a plan to get to Sochi. October 2019 - After arriving in a small city located 400 kilometers from Sochi, I was horrified. This was nothing like my father described to me in his letters. It was worse. Much worse. With complete chaos around me, I figured it would be best to lay low for a while. November 2019 - While on my journey of getting to Sochi, I met a couple of people that helped me get into contact with the Russian government. After asking for the whereabouts of my father, I was given the only answer I didn't want to hear. My father passed away in combat while trying to secure the island Namalsk. December 2020 - Enraged, I said goodbye to my friends I've met along the way, wrote a letter to my mother and sister back in Croatia and head straight for Namalsk. Getting there was difficult and I had to avoid multiple life-threatening experiences on the way there. January 2020 - Arrived in Namalsk. I wish I never came here. But it's too late to go back right now. I have to try to find a way to eliminate the frenzied flue, as this is the only way I will be at peace with my fathers passing.
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    Hey all - never played DayZ in my life but watched a bunch of DayzRP content on YouTube and fell in love with it, so giving it a shot now! Hopefully my application gets approved soon so I can join in on the action. Super excited! I was wondering since I'm a complete beginner if someone can let me "ride along" with them when I start?
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