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  1. Ryan Farr was born in Florida in 1996 in Clearwater. He grew up around drug dealers, gang activity, and convicted felons. Ryan was a ok student and attended Clearwater High. There we're days he couldn't attend school due to the tension he had with others who went to the same school. Him being affiliated with individual's who we're into the life of crime, Ryan slowly progressed to a bad life for himself. Kevin was Ryan best friend during his trouble's at high school. Both Ryan and Kevin we're detained when there was a brawl in Coachman Park. Ryan got involved with narcotics partially, but stayed away from any exotic drugs. Ryan smoked weed from time to time and sold it a few times as a side hustle, but he never saw that as something he wanted to do for a life time. Ryan grew more street smart and came back from suspension. Ryan tried to progress further to good grades and trying to push the bad influence away, but growing up how he did, he couldn't escape his past. Kevin, Ryan best friend then died in a fatal shoot out over in the Lakeview Rd 4. Kevin's mom called Ryan and told him what happen because, she knew he was like a brother to Kevin. So he keeps smoking weed to try to get rid of some of the pain in his body. Ryan still roams around and is still a troubling child trying to make a way in his society. Growing up without his best friend affected his life to see perspectives from all angles. So Ryan's mother thought it would be nice to go on a cruise ship to get his mind off of his best friends death. 2 days into the cruise they came up on some ice, the ship hit and started sinking so from there Ryan and his mother was scared. Everyone started yelling and running around not knowing what to do, Ryan seen a life boat so him and his mother got in and started floating down the ocean. 4 days pass Ryan and his mother started to run out of food, Ryan's mother started feeling sick and told him not to worry that everything will get better soon. 2 more days pass and Ryan's mother wasn't waking up from her sleep, he didn't know what to do. Ryan started yelling for help but nobody was around, 1 day pasted Ryan was waking up from his sleep and he started seeing a outline in the distance so he jumped out the life boat and started swimming.
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