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  1. @CoyoteI'd love to have that! Would be pretty nice to have some protection
  2. @SHIESTY Dongle Ill probably bring it back at some point when i'm able to talk with people without getting a gun shoved in my mouth, although I guess that's in the job description we'll see though, it was a fun idea that i really enjoyed doing at the beginning of the map
  3. Link to the situation: Overall RP and OOC communications Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Everytime I get the honor of RPing with you, its always been great. You provide opportunities for character stories and development, as was shown on Chernarus between the both of us. Even today, the RP between all of us for the contract was pretty great and I really enjoyed it! I also enjoy talking with you OOC on the times we do talk lol. Keep it coming Jackfish!! Suggestions for improvement: N/A
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  5. It boggles my mind oml

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  6. Having rivalries is too much work 😒

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  7. I liked the part when I got beat with a pipe Great character as always @Stagsview
  8. PLIKT laws spark rebellious activities Attacks are become more and more common out in the region, even within city walls, people are not safe from being robbed or shot. Just the other day, a group that seem to be called Raiders, issued an attack on the government force, some say because the refused to be processed into the system, forcing one member of PLIKT to shoot another. From that attack, and news of PLIKT authorities beating people, are some things that is causing many to feel unrest. I have gone through interviewing many of the cities residents and visitors about their thoughts
  9. I think seeing @Jackfish play a nice character is the scariest thing i've ever seen.
  10. Lucia Ramirez was brought into this world by her loving parents, Mariana and Lucas Ramirez on December 12th, 2048. She, along with many others, were the sparks of The New Generation. Her mother would always tell her, “This new world is dangerous”. She was right, raiders, savages, cultists, this new world brought the worst out of people, and she had to live in this nightmare. Luckily, her parents taught her all the necessities of survival. Clean water, food, they even taught her how to shoot pistols and rifles. The people weren’t the only threat. There were the “Muertos”, as her parents
  11. Abble like idea, Abble excited to meet you all On a serious note though, looks very interesting along with all the group ideas popping up. Going to make a very interesting storyline on this new map. Graphics are very nice, maybe some more spice would be great, but is ok, energy well spent with the lore!
  12. I just want to say, when I joined this group back in March, that's when I really started to get into RPing. The people I began to run with, @cjackson821 actually wanting to get to know his employees and group members and our times of just talking together, especially the field (I cry), @Woody just being the typical grumpy old man, and @kalyri for the ups and downs of our characters. Running with this group has been a blast, the bar is and probably will always be my favorite time of RP I have had since joining this server. I hope to see you and your characters on the new map! I wuv you
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