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  1. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Just overall you're an enjoyable person to RP with and the event lately have been great! Glad to see the effort being put into the server Suggestions for improvement: Keep it up bb
  2. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: The mini event from yesterday was nice, short but cool! It was really nice to see you and Gaylaxy just come down to make my lonely time down south more enjoyable. Suggestions for improvement: Keep up the good work
  3. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: TZ is not only a great GM, but is just an enjoyable person to talk to. Even for the fact he's an extremely friendly person, it does cloud his judgement as a GM and that's a good quality to have. Keep it up BB TZ Suggestions for improvement:
  4. Today was fairly decent, getting to see a few of the newer groups appearing around Hopefully will get to know everyone all over again
  5. All ima say is, why carry guns if you're not going to use them? I've seen people carrying 1-3 guns but they hardly use them.
  6. I have to mirror this statement THE biggest power determining factor isn't RP Its how good you are at PVPing If you or you're group can't PVP, you're fucked, simple as that
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      Wtf 🤣

  7. I'm VERY glad @RedSky finally said it Literally everyone else is too scared to say anything for the fact that half the server and their friends end up in their DM's harassing them about it The definition of RP in this server doesn't even mean RP anymore.
  8. and for the record here's an example of some of the "HostileRP" that I tend to get on the receiving end of >get initiated on >told say anything you die >get transported to another location with hands up >try to talk with captors and is met with practically nothing >during said transport, they meet my pace and strip me of everything and I mean EVERYTHING >i get brought back to location after small length sentences of "mediocre" RP (i say mediocre based on my experience) >get brought inside and talked to with others >they leave That "RP" i experienced that day was literally ONLY for robbing to get gear off of people, there was BARERLY any RP involved Yes it lasted for about an hour, and what was that hour filled with? Absolutely nothing memorable whatsoever
  9. This is honestly one of the best points I have seen. One of my best memories in this server was an experience of HostileRP from the magnificent group The Raiders when @AndreyQ had lured me out to a church and what followed the most sinister turn of events i've gotten to experience. My HostileRP has NEVER been as good as it has been from The Raiders. They didn't rob me for my gear, it was all ROLEPLAY. That's what we want right? Then why is it that whenever someone gets initiated on, robbing people of their items is THE FIRST thing to happen. Don't get me wrong, i couldn't give two shits what happens to my gear, its all replaceable. What I want is meaningful RP. #BringBackTheRaiders The server is becoming nothing but gear hungry people
  10. VK on top? Yes VK on the very top You boys have provided nothing but good for the server and I hope it doesn't stop soon
  11. *Lucia's voice would come over the radio, a little crackly from the major distance, but still able to be heard because of the big radio transceiver she had found and kept* "As much as I tend to disagree with Rabbit, Holly, where the fuck have you been? Things get a little too heated for you and your slaves so you leave? Then come back to try and take things over once again..." "You should have stayed gone, I thought so highly of you until I learned of that shit you did...it's unspeakable...unforgivable" "Adios, puta estúpida"
  12. is doctoring time yes? les gooooo am excited!!
  13. It makes you think though Comparing the player count now to the player count a few months ago back on Chernarus. It seems that there's more players now mostly because that there's a bigger driving force at hand. Back on Chernarus, it was mostly US making the lore. Average players building ourselves up. Many different groups popping in and out of time. Then having events here and there to drive the player count up way more than every other day. It seems its the events that keep bringing people in, something to do AND it drives the lore forward. The map we have now DEFINETLY needs some work, which has been getting done as we can see from the addition of the southern city and the many "sneak peaks" we have gotten. I certainly enjoyed the amount of player made things around the map that we're made, and now with a fully customized map that can be changed based on what is happening, I feel we need more player made things although people seem to be struggling with that at the moment. People might remember the Belic Bar, or Green Mountain, or The Summer Camp hubs that were around, people could always find RP there. Which was nice, especially for newcomers and it was a nice way to slowly bring people into the way of RP. Finding a hub and enjoying my time there was LITERALLY my first days of RP on Namalsk, and to see how much its grown from there is great and many people can probably agree. Just my two cents though. I still very much enjoy what's happening at the moment.
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