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"The pain doesn't go away, you just make room for it."

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  1. *Sophia presses down on her PTT* "Actions have consequences Tex. You have proven that to a great extent. I had good faith in you, up until you were with someone who forced cocaine into my body, shoved it in my nose while I was unconscious, and you...did...nothing..." "You SHOULD have stayed, faced your fate..." "Now you just get to be remembered for you're crappy mistakes" "Go on Tex, run away. Even after all the chances you were given." *She would release the PTT*
  2. I have to give major props to @Duplessis and his fellow comrades who took me and @VolraSlava hostage today. Very intense and gave me an opportunity to open a chapter of my character and throw everyone off guard!
  3. Had some girl talk with @BeanMama Shh don't tell anyone
  4. @K2U @GunterThePenguin @kalyri @TipZee FANTASTIC RP today at our little BBQ gone wrong, emotions ran high tonight. Enjoyed every bit of it and can't wait to see where it goes in the future!
  5. Day 17 Its been a hell of a long time since I've taken the time to write in my journal. Not a lot has happened, but Spero is back on the mainland. I saw Wynne show up to the bar, and I was surprised because last I saw her, she was shot to hell. I admire Wynnes strength. We shared gratitude to each others safety. I do hope to see more of her. I also ran into a couple old friends of mine, Bryson and Kyle. I really thought they were dead, like D-E-A-D, dead. After Vybor...it was a mess. But I'm just glad they're ok. I got this sickness though...and nothing could cure it. I end
  6. This would be a good addition for those groups that need more intimidation in their RP. Might make PKing characters more interesting maybe making it some people can recognize whose head is on that spike. But I can also see it making a uncomfortable RP environment with its misuse.
  7. I gotta say that my favorite sandwich is a spicy chicken sandwich. Spicy stuff really hits with me the most.
  8. Day 6 Its been a bit since I've had time to write down in my journal. Today was crazy, I was showing the people at the bar my new bunny outfit for Easter, when Ivan screamed to get in the car. Apparently a warehouse in Solnichy is where a family lives and they were under attack by Russians. They blew open the door, and we had to bring some supplies to help rebuild. It was nice being able to touch up on my construction skills, been awhile since I last built back in Pavlovo. I was in charge of standing watch on the warehouse doors while the boys dealt with the men. Then as soon as we
  9. Day 2 Yet another day passes and I'm still kicking. Shocker. Ran into Josh and during our trip to Gorka, we found a fully functional Sarka. Took that baby out for a road trip, how could we not. Pusta seems to have been settled in, some of the people there are nice, other though, they give me bad feelings. Ivan and the others left me at the bar almost all day. It was crazy boring, so I decided I would try and head to them on foot. That didn't work out as I was tripped and knocked over some leaning glass. The loud shattering attracted a horde of infected, I was lucky I barely ma
  10. Day 1 I stumbled on an empty journal that someone left behind, so I figured why not document my life story. Maybe one day, after things go back to normal, I'll be lucky enough to get a movie made out of my experiences. But mostly, I want to be able to remember the things I have endured. The fun times, the people I have and will meet, and...the losses. I always remember her, god I miss Rebecca. Always so positive, and so god damn stubborn. I wish she had survived Namalsk, that damned island. No wonder it was abandoned. That storm, the whispers...gave me chills every time. But it's
  11. Always such a good time with the Bar folks! Especially Ivan, good times between the two of us when its not involved in hunting people down @cjackson821
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