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  1. To be entirely honest, probably not considering I don't think I said a word out loud during or before the shooting.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Its fair, I just never checked the forums and saw the report. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: From what I remember, me @TheBishop were helping Han Lee (I dont know his username), when @MoreNerd I believe said his friends were getting robbed up the road after hanging out with us for a little bit, while helping Han Lee. I believe me, Candy, Bishop and someone else (maybe), went in the direction of the situation, me and Candy split off in a direction behind trees and I don't know where someone shot, maybe at someone, but then people started shooting, I shot as well, even with my poo aim I shot towards the people. After people died and it calmed down we looted the bodies and then went back to the bar to check on Han Lee and that was the end. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Not be banned anymore What could you have done better?: Understand what was happening and NOT shooting because I don't know who was shooting at who, and also check forums. Sorry for being extremely late.
  3. Today we see the end of Rebecca Hudson. She met a bunch of interesting people that took her in and treated her like one of them. Sadly, she got overrun and mauled by infected. Goodbye Rebecca, RIP.
  4. Sophia was born October 23rd, 2000. Her mother died during the emergency C-section the doctors had to perform for the babies survival. Her father had put her up for adoption at 2 months old, where she was adopted into the loving Spark family at 2 years old. Her mother, Amelia Sparks, the matriarch of the household held everything together. A stern, well-thought, but caring and compassionate character was a stay-at-home mother who cleaned and took care of the kids that stayed home, but she enjoyed that lifestyle. Todd Sparks, the patriarch and fun father that accepted Sophia as his own from the beginning. Ethan and Bethany were the rowdy twins of the family. They lived simple and quaint until the outbreak had occurred when she turned 11. The United States began to fall quickly. New York had a refugee camp along the coast that had been thriving until a large herd of the undead attacked and only a small percentage made it on the boat headed for Europe. When the family they realized Europe was no safer. In fact, within the town they had arrived, a sickness was brewing which was killing and reanimating those who got the sickness. Ethan had gotten infected with the new disease and within 2 days, he had passed away. The family was heartbroken and Bethany was the most devastated. She had ran away from the camp they were staying at and only after a search party was sent out after her, they found her corpse eaten and decaying. After 2 death, the trio remaining decided it was time to leave after they heard a broadcast coming from Chernarus, a country within Russia. The family, along with 4 others took a van and headed in the direction of the broadcast. After a week of travelling, it was only down to Sophia, Todd, Amelia, and Garrett, one of the 4 that had come from the camp with them. They were out of gas with none in sight nearby, and they were stuck with infected trailing behind them. With Chernarus only a bit farther, Amelia gave Sophia her lucky necklace and said one word... "Run" ...and with those final words, she burst out of the car and into a field screaming as the infected turned their attention towards her. Todd grabbed Sophia and ran as he knew there was no saving his wife, leaving Garrett behind as well. Although, after hours of walking, Todd and Sophia made it to Chernarus, only to see it as well in ruins, infected roaming every corner of every city. Todd removed his pistol, aimed at his own head, in pulled the trigger, leaving 17 year old Sophia alone. She did the only thing she could, and ran into Chernarus. After a day, she ran into a small scavenging group that took her back to a small camp, where she met a 15 year old Rebecca Hudson. They travelled together for a couple years, from group to group, town to town, surviving. They both heard the radio broadcasts about the newly explored island of Namalsk, where they decided they would try a new life. But along the way travelling by boat, they crash and the boat flipped. The two had separated, and now waking up on the coast of Namalsk, she hopes she can find Rebecca again. After reaching a small town in Namalsk, she had met some folks and she learned about the demise of her dear friend. She saw the danger in staying, and along with a small group, fixed a boat to travel back to Chernarus to aid in the rebuilding of society.
  5. Extremely sad to see such an interesting man go in such a blink, RIP Azibo Poolana
  6. I have read through @Carswell response, it seems as it was a genuine accident, and I didn't lose much to be honest so I am fine with this being closed!
  7. Server and location: Namalsk, and it was near the small little charity community Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19:00 to 19:20 Your in game name: Rebecca Hudson Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: No suspects known Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I didn't even get to play, just died Detailed description of the events: I spawned in, heard a gunshot, and then it said I had died. There were no voices, no speaking, and I hadn't even gotten to move
  8. Rebecca Hudson was born into a broken family, she quickly estranged herself after graduating high school when she was 16 and moved from from her family all the way to Moscow, Russia where her grandparents had been living. She went to school to become a reporter for the local news station when the tragedy of the outbreak had struck and both her grandparents were mauled right in front of her. She wandered with many small groups, but in the end, they fell to the grasp of the Infected and she became the last standing member. As only an 18 year old, she has witnessed some gruesome and horrifying things during the chaos, but even through all that, she manages to survive against all odds.
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