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  1. Born in Novosibirsk to a family of industrial workers, Alexei was brought up to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Under the Soviet Union, his family did not have much and Alexei learned to be creative with what little he could scavenge. After the dissolution of the Union, Alexei joined the Russian Armed Forces and trained as a pilot. He flew numerous missions in the middle east as a stealth bomber pilot. Silence became the name of the game in Alexei's life, as his military training focused on being fast and quiet. In 2015, Alexei was stationed at the airfield in Namalsk to run training operations for new pilots. A year before the Frenzied Flu, Alexei was able to retire from his service and settle in Nemsk where he looked forward to quiet days of fishing with his dog, Luka. The spread of the Frenzied Flu however interrupted his plans for a peaceful retirement and in the chaos Luka went missing. Alexei now cares for nothing more than reuniting himself with his best friend and returning to a life of peace and quiet.
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