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  1. Was born in amsterdam on the wednesday evening. He was interested in camo and blending into things at a very young age. he was also fascinated by the military as he's family had been fighting for years but due to his mothers dad dying in the war she forbidden it. Instead he decided he would practice with small firearms from a young age with the guidance of his dad, by the age of 8 he managed to perfect his handgun skills however only when the handguns had silencers on. He eventually decided to take his passion even further by the age of 11 as he started to make camouflage for his weapons and clothing. By the age of 15 james was given a sniper rifle by his dad and came proficient at using it at targets under 300m, but in between his hobbie. James went to school and saw his friends, they would go round to his mates carter's house and play the nintendo cube for hours before James would leave to go and practice his painting techniques. He would often go out with his mum and buy homeless people warm drinks or something to eat as they were very generous. He then started to go through to college and study law as well as university where he learnt a mechanic course level 1. When james turnt 22 he went on holiday to chernarus with his mum and dad, when they arrived they enjoyed the first 2 weeks happily, but after that it seemed odd. It was reported it was going into lockdown and no one could leave. James heard helicopters and jets flying above and ran outside. That's when he saw his first Empty. It was disgusting looking but was swiftly executed by a stranger. He was a field medic deployed from america. He decided it was everyone for themselves and left the missona and set out with james. The medic never gave a name though and never gave a reason to why. They gathered James family and ran towards a abandoned military post where they could settle down for a night. James woke up to 2 gun shots, The medic and killed 2 empties. unfortunately they attacked james parents during the night and killed his mother and bite his father once. The medic tried everything could including cutting his fathers leg off but it didn't work and he tunrt into one of those empties. The medic killed it and with out another look they grabbed supplies and headed north as there goal was to start a new community. One where people can be safe and have families and hopefully a future. After his parents were killed, the medic gave james the nickname chewie as the recent events made Chewie(James) have some sort of ptsd as every once ina w hile he would just randomly let off a yell that unconfidently sounded like chewbacca from star wars.
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