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  1. I think the issue isn't with the amount of weapons the server offers, its that people choose not to use anything else. You've seen Felix Karlsson rock his repeater for 99% of the time, but as soon as there's any sign of trouble, he switches to his AK. This is solely because he would be useless in a gunfight if he were to use the repeater because everyone else is packing automatic weapons. He'd be dead before loading the second round. Its unfortunate as I love cutting round with my sweet looking rifle. (As you can see, Repeater is on my back but AK is out because of a certain Irish fellow) I second this entirely, although @IosephusQ you forgot to mention the Sporter .22
  2. Damn, I doubt Felix would be able to patch that up...
  3. I don't think adding a rule or a mention in another rule would make it harder for a new player. I believe that having notes not mentioned is more difficult to understand (when banned for an offense you didn't know you were committing) than reading and understanding an extra line. You are right, people will be more careful after being banned, but surely its better for them to at least have a heads up before hand? You can burn notes using a lighter or store them in a place like a crate or private room (locked or fenced off), preventing rando's from seeing it. The issue is that people can be banned for this by GM's looking through the logs. I do agree with this, it is frustrating when you come across a note that takes you out of a serious situation. This is why I believe should be mentioned in the rules or at least the newcomers guide, it will prevent people from leaving silly notes in the first place (theoretically anyway).
  4. I get that its technically covered in 3.2 however the wording of it is slightly unclear. 3.2 goes over realistic behaviour in hostile situations which makes it slightly confusing to new players when reading the rules. This is the only part of 3.2 which would cover writing notes, and its not that obvious that writing something immature will get you banned under this rule. I'm not suggesting obvious "dickery" like spamming bad words that serve 0 RP purpose isn't covered, as that is common sense. There are many situations that could fall under this rule yet also be interpreted by a player as acceptable under the rule. As @Absense mentioned; Things that can easily be seen as humours IC might result in a ban because it was seen as BadRP by staff. The player writing the note can genuinely believe in all good faith that they are following the rules and acting "realistically and appropriately" yet they may still be banned.
  5. Thats a good idea actually. To be fair if you don't read the newcomer guide then kind of your own fault
  6. "Acting realistically" when it comes to the points raised in rule 3.2 makes sense. If someone has a gun pointed at you, realistically you're going to do as you're told. When it comes to notes however, I personally write stupid notes to my friends IRL all the time because I find it funny, therefore because I actually do it in real life and I can see myself doing it if I was in my characters position, I personally find that realistic. Now I know that its unacceptable on the server so I don't. Having a rule that pertains to notes specifically may clear up some of the issues people are having over on this thread. Again I want to stress that my point has nothing to do with the current GM stance on notes, I'm suggesting a way of making it clearer to players (Mainly new players who get stung by this)
  7. If someone is writing OOC notes then yes that is pretty obvious to the player. The issue comes when someone writes a note which isn't OOC, but may still fall under BadRP.
  8. Theres no way for a new player to know that joking around with notes is counted as badRP. Many see that as just having fun IC and they believe it falls within the rules until they are banned. The rule cited in their ban reason (3.2) makes no mention of notes and is mainly focused on situations where you acted in a way your character wouldn't have acted if they were a real person in that situation and many people cannot see the correlation between their note and rule 3.2.
  9. After reading this thread and being banned for notes before, I have been thinking about how it would be easier on new players/moderators etc. if there were specific rules regarding the use of Notes. At the moment anyone banned for immature/immersion breaking notes are banned under rule 3.2 (Bad RP/NVFL). This is understandable as there are no rules for notes specifically however this causes huge confusion from the players banned, who are often relatively new to the server. I personally believed I was playing by the rules until the ban, as I was unaware that notes like mine were a bannable offense. I propose a new rule/ruleset for notes themselves, giving new players/everyone the knowledge of what is acceptable and what isn't in regards to notes. Perhaps something along the lines of: I believe this will help guide new players into being better role players and also avoid losing new players to the post ban salt (which I experienced). Note; This isn't a thread discussing my opinions on this rule nor am I saying how notes should be used. This is just a suggestion based on what I have seen/how rules on notes are already enforced. This would make it clearer for players if the current stance on notes is to stay the same. EDIT: Instead of a new rule, as @Jamie suggested, it could be added to the Newcomers guide. It saves on unnecessary rule bloat but also puts the onus on new players to be informed of the rules. Please let me know if you have any suggested edits to this post -Feahlyx
  10. I suppose someone might think that if they died due to a bug or zombies, when no other players were close, that its okay to get your stuff back so I guess its still a shame to see bambi's (I have over 150hrs, I can call others bambi's right? ) get banned for it. I suppose its my experience with RP in other games/servers that stops me from feeling bad for them though. The rule isn't ambiguous, literally just go do something else for a while after you die IG.
  11. I think its a good idea to mention it in the rules, as not everyone reads the forums in their entirety before playing. I for one waned to get some experience IG before posting/joining in on discussions on the forums so I made sure to read through the rules and play by them. Obviously after being banned I'm aware that immature notes are a no-no and I understand why. For new players who believe that they are following the rules yet still get banned for the notes is really disheartening and it makes you want to stop playing. Especially when they wrote them in good faith (as in, not just writing the gamer word 20 times because its a haha funny meme). I think having it as a rule you must agree to before playing would save a lot of confusion and heartache.
  12. Coming from someone who was banned for 7 days for writing immature notes; I do understand why people (including myself) are banned for it, as seeing stupid meme notes does bring you out of RP. Some people more than others (As people RP differently, some might be okay with a little 4th wall breaking while others aren't). I know for myself if I saw a random note that said "xxxBigDavexxx's house, fuck off or else" it would take me out of the experience somewhat. However I do also very much know that silly notes can be used for RP. Humour is one way people deal with issues and having the world goto shit would affect 99.9% of people. Something that without context would seem ridiculous could be two lovers writing love notes with each other or some other scenario that isn't immediately apparent. I personally find people RPing a mental illness incorrectly as extremely immersion breaking but I do understand that not everyone is an expert on the topic and that they're obviously trying to have an interesting story arch for their character/RP which I appreciate. I think without context of where the note was and what situation it was written in its difficult to police and its easier for the admins/game masters to just put a blanket ban on silly notes as it's a 50/50 whether someone will find it immersion breaking and its such a grey area (Although this should be a new rule instead of rule 3.2 as some wouldn't consider notes like the ones mentioned as "badRP". That's something for the suggestions board though). Overall I personally think that having silly notes can be immersion breaking for some people so having them be against the rules does make sense. I do think that it should be a new rule which specifically talks about notes though as something I would consider as BadRP could be acceptable to an admin and vice versa.
  13. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/54668-feahlyx/warnings/6749/ Why the verdict is not fair: All but 1 of these notes were used as Inside jokes that fit with Felix Karlsson's humour. I believe this isn't a break of rule 3.2 as it's realistic to have inside jokes with friends, there is no way said jokes would bring Felix to any harm nor was there any hostilities in the area where the notes were/currently are (Alakit). These notes don't show any unrealistic behaviour nor do they show a lack of value for Felix Karlsson's life. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: One of the notes which impersonates the character "Charcole/Charcoal" is breaking rule 3.9 which I agree with. The other notes were in line with a short story line involving one character (Thomas Meechan) trying to figure out who had a pen. I am in contact with Thomas Meechan OOC where I made sure that he was not offended in any way by Felix's notes. There is also no way for other players to stumble across all but 1 of the notes, as they are locked away in a personal stash that is unavailable to any other player. I agree that the notes are crude and immature, however used in the context of our RP and Felix's character, I do not believe they break rule 3.2. Everyone who saw the notes were okay with them OOC and they were to further Felix's character traits. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To reduce the ban and reduce warning points and to not mark Felix Karlsson as Dead as I believe I did not break rule 3.2. However I do agree that I have broken rule 3.6. What could you have done better?: Not writing the note impersonating Charcole/Charcoal. I (and by extension Felix) thought it would be a cheap laugh, however I didn't think of any consequences that may occur from the action in Charcole/Charcoal's RP.
  14. What a day! @MoreNerd and @VodkaWolf god damn! Kaj's song rounded it all off so perfectly. I was up in the tower using my binoculars when you started playing. Honestly felt like the song at the end of a TV episode! Genuinely a perfect, perfect moment to play. Great guitar skills too! Cant wait to see what happens with our adventures next! Here's a quick video from my PoV (My mic has been removed as all you can hear is my keyboard, I don't say anything anyway )
  15. No worries! Glad you reminded me about the pudding
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