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  1. At a young age he’d always have to take care of himself. Being the youngest child to a sister, an alcoholic father, and a drug addict mother. His sister was the only one who showed him love. While she also had a life of her own she couldn’t take custody of him for many reasons so he was always at his home with his parents. For being from such a poor and dysfunctional family he was incredibly smart in all of his schooling but still being an outcast due to his lack of clothing provided to him. During high school junior year he got a job and worked non stop almost tiring himself. During his graduation of his senior year he was able to go to Chernarus for a college pre med. In the first week he stayed the outbreak occurred and he was stuck here to survive and what he says... “Just keep going.” Personality Levi is a quiet person but when he’s quiet he’s thinking. He was decently athletic working out in his free time. He makes choices based on rationality. He is very open minded but also doesn’t show much emotion. He is a straight thinker. He doesn’t want attention towards him. He doesn’t go out of his way to impress or make himself look good. He is very humble as well coming from his background. He taught himself everything he needed to know as for marksmanship, survival, and also because he studied in pre med is very smart with basic medical Knowledge. Also he is very patient
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