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  1. All games, all communities have their intended purpose and their intended direction, or they are shaped by their individual progression. As for me, i feel and have been feeling for a few month´s now that the direction of it all in a general sense is somewhere i cannot follow or support. I do not feel especially welcome any more. I don´t feel the same trust or commitment. In the mod days, the forum was fun, felt like a welcoming and warm cabin. Now that same place is filled with cold wet leafs blowing in through the broken windows, all lights blown out, and the walls stained with crusted blood from OOC hate and divided members. There have been a few comments from people and staff that i had a bigger trust and respect in before, but it seems that the workload is getting to more people than they would like to admit to, and instead of leaning back and taking a breath, the frustration seems to often end in verbal ”retaliation”. For me it just adds to the feel of the cold, wet abandoned house again and reminds me not the least of the welcoming past. I have even been told that i am ”wrong” in feeling like this. It´s just a bit too much of a theater to uphold a facade that everything is as happy as ever. Now, i will be sitting in my camp, watching from a distance instead. If the community ahead takes another direction towards one of the many good suggestions made by several people in here, then that would make me glad. If not, then i´l just pack up and walk away and cut my losses. Some people choose to go out with a bang, with a shocking pic or GIF etc, but forum rage is not a measurement of success. It´s just a sign of anger taking over judgment in a split second, and it´s not worth it by far. I am not ”defeated” or ”dropping the mic” on my way out, but rather just walking away from trying to change anything in an community where it´s not wanted. My energy is instead being placed where it is better used and most important both for me and for the other members in here, where it fits. Good luck all in your endeavors, your personal stories and in your survival in Chernarus.
  2. My bags are packed, my affairs taken care of. May leave as well ahead since what we wanted to create has no room here at all, nor is it´s worth what is thrown back in response. I´m setting all the events on hold and they can be used on the other project instead. Ya got my TS etc Capt! " Winters dumps piles of maps, folders and documentations in the campfire, and as it burns out, he grabs his BOB and drops camp "
  3. In short, it´s a minecraft clone on so to say on STEAM, but a very very well made one. Also, it´s free. I have given it about 2 hours i think of gameplay, and it is really cool. Absolutely worth a try. [video=youtube]
  4. What does this mean exactly? Exile features on the Namalsk map in short? Is the cold weather affecting anything?
  5. I remember us doing this in Staroye, and we at one point had 36 people roleplaying, trading, socializing and just bringing a wonderful feel to it all. Those are missed days, but they can come back if people let them.
  6. Grihm

    S3 - new horizons

    Yeah either that, or... We do events on event server because then people interested in event can join it without running around the map for hours or trying to join a full server. It doesn't have anything to do with the quality of RP on regular servers, but it's rather for purely practical reasons. I get that you're not satisfied with quality of RP on the servers, but damn, that was far fetched. Is it really far fetched to see that it´s a shame the events cannot be part of the normal usage of S1 and S2? It feels like there should not be a need for an event server for RP on an RP community.
  7. Grihm

    S3 - new horizons

    Sause brings up a very valid issue. An event server may sound cool and nice and all, but there is a backside to it as well. What an event server does, is it puts itself as a wedge in the community as a result of "temporarily fixing" the issues of our regular servers. An event server can very easy lock out the good RP that it brings by being on a separate server and thus, not offering this for the public. Also, the actual problem solving is risked of being overlooked since this can very easy turn to a " nah, we have the event servers fo more proper RP " statement. Let´s say we put up events every weekend with a tradepost and offer storymode based RP for weekly smaller missions, weapon and clothing repairs, medical checkups for people needing it, trades, food preservation etc and so on, but the public are not allowed to participate. What good does this do? An event gives you a timeframe to be on, taking on a part as a guard or a merchant, and the event will have it´s rules set up beforehand. Why cannot people stick to this mentality on a day to day base?
  8. This is a no vote from me. I see the thought behind the idea, but again, this is another jug of gas in the PVP tank while RP is running on fumes. Also, there is no way this can be connected to the story or RP in any way since no one will be wounded or dead afterwards. So unless someone found a stack of paintball markers and managed to "invite" every single participant, this is just going to be a PVP match that when it´s over, cannot be used IC.
  9. Grihm

    The Division: Giveaway On March 3rd - Winners Drawn

    Let´s say... One!
  10. Grihm

    S3 - new horizons

    Events can still be made on both S1 and S2 as said, and it´s not really a variety or anything different.
  11. 1. Even if it was against the rules, how would it be enforced, there is now way to monitor it 2. Its a game mechanic thats being used how it was designed to be used 3. I use it because at the moment night time is completely dark for me, even when I use torches since I have a potato computer...not enjoyable to play 1: The question was If it was, not how to enforce it. 2: For RP? Doubtful. 3: I have never seen your specs, so i cannot comment on this.
  12. No not really, since what is skipped over is the issue that you can be roleplaying with a head lamp or perhaps just waiting out for morning in one location because you cannot see 5 feet ahead of you, while others rush through the area with no lights, but gamma maxed out. If any hostile actions take place, would the gamma goggles not be seen as a "cheat" over the players that plays it by, well the dark of the night time settings? If you are in a hostile area, running and taking cover in the dark, how is it "good RP" or "logic" that someone with maxed gamma spots you like in bright daylight. These issues i do feel is left untouched.
  13. At what point is gamma goggles OK, and when is it abusing the system for an advantage over others? I can see that people use it in recordings to catch dupers or such. However, is it still within the set of rules and regulations for people to use this just to give them a form of "night vision" and use it on a regular basis? What about people that uses head torches, lamps, campfires etc? When does it turn to a violation?
  14. If people feel it´s good RP and " not a big deal " to alter their settings to provide 20 20 vision at night, while others actually plays with light sources to illuminate the dark, then it´s just another one of those differences that is wedging the community apart. Perhaps staff can "shine a light" on this one. Posting in questions next.
  15. Grihm

    S3 - new horizons

    I really don´t see why events cannot be used on either S1 and S2. An event server is "one" of many things that can be useful, but it hardly calls for a server of it´s own. Since the PVP is so highly dominant overall, the PVE gameplay is suffering hard. I´d say it´s needed more, and will also open up more slots on S1 and S2 for that more hostile oriented crowd.
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