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  1. FML LoL... ty for the reply and I guess I will keep trying to find the word which is not a word lol
  2. I have read the rules over and over many times now word for word and still can not seem to find the pass phrase... please help.
  3. Born of Okinawan decent Kumicho 'Kumi' Oyabun, through a dedication in a samurai way of life, excelled through the ranks of the most violent syndicate in Japan... the Yakuza. Forty one years of age he is considered by everyone who knows him or knows of him, to be one of the most calculative of men with no emotion visible no matter the circumstances, he is "an unflinching, highly educated, surgical instrument" Well diverse in subject matter ranging from Celestial Mechanics to Geo-Politics, Kumi has been seen in every corner of social groups, well liked and respected by all of his peers.
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