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  1. Before the frenzied flu broke out Tim was on vacation in Deer Isle. Hunting and fishing is his passion. In 2008 Tim decided to move to Namalsk full time to be a little closer to the wilderness he fell in love with on his vacation. He set up shop and got some land. Tim quickly started to work the land. Back home in Canterbury, Tim had a farm. Livestock veggies fruit trees as far as the eye could see. On his days off Tim would take off and go hunting for big and small game alike. His favorite was deer and rabbit. Tim would often take people out hunting with him in exchange for a few bucks or maybe something for trade. Every little bit helps the homestead. Tim also loves to fish. Fishing is a good way to have fresh protein year round. It is also a good source of income for the things Tim can't afford like ammo and clothing. Choosing to live the life he does is not easy. There are constant struggles every day. Those struggles helped prepare Tim for what was to come... The following year was hard for everyone with the tensions spilling over from Chernarus into Deer Isle. With all the unrest in the region business ground to a halt. Luckily for Tim he was already set up for such an event. His farm while not very profitable, it still provided enough for Tim to live on somewhat comfortably. The pelts that were collected and the meat harvested from hunts and fishing trips is what helped Tim get through the hard time. Things never seemed to improve in Namalsk. In 2018 when the word spread of the first outbreak Tim wasnt too worried. It was in a different part of the world. Tim lived in a remote part of the country where he often would go several days without seeing someone. Tim started to worry a bit when the virus spread to Livonia and Deer Isle. These places are not far from where his homestead is. Tim started to go hunting a little more often just to make sure there was enough food in the freezer. In 2019 when news about the virus spread. It was making people more aggressive. Tim immediately started to fortify his home and property the best he could. After the bombs went off in early December Tim knew things were not going to get better any time soon.
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