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  1. I'm a first responder in the states, thank you for appreciating the writing! I do try my best - even if we don't do any surgical interventions in the field, I did my best to give it the same depth regardless!
  2. Josh is a pretty crackshot, glad I could help with the Horde @PATRIOT!
  3. Small? Unfortunately, Knight - I'm afraid that your refusal to see the error in your character's actions has diluted your sense of responsibility for the outcome. It's absolutely unrealistic to expect that your entire misinterpretation of the situation, by memory would be considered 'small' to redirect fault in our direction. Your attempts to antagonize your captors was met with the reality of the situation that you were losing control. Your character, I would attempt to understand; unable to cope with the stress of being alone and without aid became irrationally juxtapose.
  4. There is unfortunately a boundary of realism where it realistically prevents us from understanding the true nature of situations that characters, unlike ourselves, are put into. I'm sorry if he's upset with the outcome.
  5. Mostly poised to be confused why you reported a bad interaction when your character acted daft enough to be shot in the head.
  6. Pointing towards the video recording which was placed as the evidence listed, Knight failed to follow initial instructions. Difficult to see, but when I had a gun aimed into his direction and instructed him to face the wall, his perspective took ten seconds to correctly change directions. He resisted initial attempts to restrain. Unfortunately, at 3 Minutes and 50 seconds in the video is when you'd really find the term, 'calmly' to be used too loosely in this reference. He elevated tensions, by saying that we're messing with someone that we'd regret. Alexei inquired if he was threatening us, mostly in surprised guffaw that anyone in their right mind would think they have any speaking leverage with three assailants holding guns to their head. Knight's character raised his voice and began swearing before Snakey's character turned heel and returned to the scene as it was escalating. Why did he have to turn around? Knight stopped following directions, again - and stood still. Giving zero regard for his character's safety to raise his nose in defiance. Also, I find it difficult to understand why Knight would say; "Well, if you kill me. You won't find yourselves alive anymore." Why? There were no witnesses. Even if your character survived the gunshots to the dome, you'd have lost memory and wake up unconscious elsewhere. Pray you weren't planning on metagaming the characters. The character was promptly executed for laughing in the face of those who had him restrained and superior firepower. Threatening captors with a bad bluff. Disregarding character safety. Ignoring directions. Four strikes, you're out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Edit; Four Strikes, I wanted to make a baseball reference but I whiffed it.
  7. Josh Taylor was born into an impoverished lifestyle, growing up primarily scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of amenities. It was not an uncommon occurrence for the young boy to be exposed to the atrocities which befall the ghettos within America. An infestation of substance abuse and violence decorated his history with bespeckled life lessons. Raised primarily under the pretense not to judge books by their covers and to offer a hand to others in times of need, to rise together instead of standing above your peers. Embracing the embodiment of a superficial hero to the regards of sharing the remaining slices of bread with his friends who could not afford the school lunch. Such ideologies metamorphosed through puberty and ascension into adulthood. Seeing once passionate children and friends poison themselves from their environment and become smothered in a lifestyle repetitious to such systems that consume impoverished families of America in the early nineties. Josh, refused to become another product of the environment which shaped his peers, unable to save anyone through normal means. Adulthood’s schooling became monomaniacally fixed to Healthcare. When the cases of the Feral Virus reared its head within the Americas, likely due to the pride that American people possess nigh religiously - they ignored the Health Organization’s recommendation of safety. Radicalized mercenary parties from the militarized public manifested in combined defense with the military to temporarily stave off an inevitability. Josh, conscripted into one of these many spawning parties, found himself within Florida state of the America mainland. A calm before the storm, when it had seemed that the virus had stalled out due to the annihilation of dense population centers. Once more, rearing the ugly head of indiscriminate control of the masses with a simple mutation. Only a matter of time before the walls fell and the staved infection crumbled attempted reconstitution of infrastructure. The small party known simply as ‘Stygian’ took advantage of chaos and commandeered a small vessel capable of voyage to the Arctic regions. Starvation compounded with dehydration left a majority of the party dead as it landed upon an unknown isle within the Russian territory. Josh embarks from the ship-wrecked piece upon a land of mystery, frigid temperatures; with only a heavy coat and two pairs of jeans worn both for warmth.
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