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  1. Conner was born and raised in a small town in Arkansas, Enlisted into the United States Navy as a Damage Control man when he turned 18 in 2004. After completing basic training and A-school he was assigned to USS Preble DDG-88. After 2 years of shiplife and constant deployments he had grown tired of his life in the navy. Nothing to go back to in the States he was looking to make a home in a different country. His plan wouldn't happen for another 4 years, his contract would be near end by then they wouldn't miss him that much. The US started to pull out of Chernarus. He knew they wouldn’t be coming back any time soon and he’s had liberty in parts of Russia before and liked the people. As part of the VBSS team they went ashore to secure facilities in unknown areas with rising tensions, He was just waiting for the team to be attacked. On their third expedition on the Northern side of Chernarus a small force of Ethnic Socialist Russians (ChDKZ) intercepted the team with only 6 personel 4 topsiders and 2 engineer types; our odds weren’t good. In the encounter I managed to slip away and on my run into the forest hearing gun shots behind me. I knew I was truly alone and I would spend my time here as such living off the land the way my family often did. Hunting and crafting were something I learned in early childhood from my father. Spending the next 11 years in the wild scavenging as much as I could enjoying the freedom of being alone. Only venturing into town when my clothes became too worn or my containers needed replacing. I often stole what I needed, I never picked up the language, so my encounters are slim. They became even more slim the undead started to appear; they are even in the woods now. I thought the wolves were bad enough. With most of the population surviving like me I decided it was time to join what was left of the world to see what I could teach those surviving.
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