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  1. POV: We are sitting near our base talking, as we notice footsteps near our base. We go to investigate to find Maximus who seems to be either missing from this report or was a fake name. Guy turns out to be super chill so we talk and its all peaceful. Then he brings up that his cousin(Boris) was around the area and was waiting to wake up(server restart had just happened). We meet up and then have a chill conversation, sorta the same as when we met Max. Then Barnabus Wellington shows up and starts stating that he is owning our town and that he is going to be taking it over. We state that he is in the wrong and that what he is saying is false and to please leave. Then 3 of them roll around the corner so we drew our weapons to prepare for self defense if needed. We then follow Mr. Wellington out of the town, he turns around and starts arguing with us before fully leaving the town. He then got on his radio and did what I'm assuming was tell the guys to try and rob us/kill us. I then raised my weapon and shot one of them in the head(which his helmet luckily caught) and was killed. As they were drew their weapons and were yelling we luckily still had the radio button held down and Marshal was able to hear them start yelling "Put your hands up or die" and then waited for them to shoot before firing upon the people trying to hold us up. The video below shows 5 minutes of the interaction(started recording around the time all 3/4 of them moved away to meet up and speak privately. It catches the moment we died to their gunfire.)
  2. ACTUALLY According to the rules. "Dynamic Group: 1 Person out of a group of people is initiated on = The people who recently role played with the person receiving the initiation gain Defender Rights (for 2 hours or until death)." Therefore we are a group. just not an approved group. - USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS SECTION OF THE POST -
  3. He had defender rights, He was with our group. Hiding out in the woods. After y'all opened fire, he took his oppurtunity and sniped you. Just because you didn't see him doesn't mean he wasn't around
  4. See when I said that I kinda just meant like. Harder zombies to fight. Not really like mutated. But your idea of them having weapons or something. Idk
  5. I’m not going to go too much into detail here as I’m not super experienced with all that DayZ can give out in the terms of mods. But maybe some mutated infected would be cool. Like I’m talking some super scary harder to kill infected in certain zones. It’d just add more to the RP of people finding a cure or attempting to find a cure.
  6. Fredrik here.. Were you still needing this jacket? I have found one that sounds like the one you are looking for
  7. Hello people of Nyheim and surrounding areas! I'm looking for some nails... I haven't had any luck finding them since scavenging the areas. The building trader Bob doesn't seem to ever have any on hand either. Please reach out to me! ~ Fredrik D.
  8. I can't change my username on the website.. is it supposed to be like this?
  9. Fredrik Dowsing is a 36-year-old personal weapons trainer with an unfortunate habit of bumping off the people around him. He is resilient and ambitious, but can also be very Unhappy and a bit Impulsive. His first victim was his late girlfriend, Finn Viola Brown, who he killed because she knew a secret he wanted to keep hidden. He has since killed two more people: his late girlfriend Linda, and his late girlfriend Emilie. He is Norwegian who defines himself as straight. He started studying sports science at college but never finished the course. Physically, Fredrik is in pretty good shape. He is tall with Tan skin, Black hair and Blue/Brown/Green eyes. He has Scratch on the cheek from the tussle with Linda Hilda Green just before killing her. He grew up in a middle class neighborhood. His mother left when he was young, leaving him with his father, who was a drunk. He is currently single. His most recent romance was with a lab assistant called Emilie Lilly Cooper, who was 1 years older than him. Emilie died in 2021.The papers reported the cause of death: 'murdered - strangled'. Fredrik had one child with late girlfriend Emilie: Finn Dowsing, age 9 who had passed away due to the virus outbreak. Fredrik's best friend is a personal trainer named Axel Mendoza but went missing shortly after the outbreak started. They were inseparable so it is thought that this is one of the reasons he become depressed. He also used to hang around with a personal trainer named Olivia Hill. They enjoy vandalizing bus stops together as well as gas stations.
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