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  1. Ruben was born and raised in Southern California. He was born in 1998 and lived there his whole life. Ruben was popular and never really had to do many things for himself, so he never learned any survival tactics. Instead of doing hard work, he’d act in his home in hopes of getting big. He'd get different acting jobs later in life during his adolescent years. Acting was always his passion and he was starting to grow in the scene. During his rise to fame, Ruben fell out of Christianity but still considers himself a Christian, as he still has faith in God. Ruben was a big Hollywood actor in the late 2010’s. He flew to Russia in 2020 to finally film his supposed biggest hit of all but then the outbreak broke out. His brother Samuel came with him because he had nothing else to do and wanted to visit Russia as well. He and his brother wandered and survived looking for others. In 2020 he and his brother found his way to Namalsk, to try and meet other survivors and get through this hell.
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