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  1. Kyle Jackson was born January 26th 1986. He lived a wonderful life from the time he was born till he was 17 when he lost his mother to Cancer May 14th 2003. He was devastated as she was his whole world. He finished school like he promised his mom, he joined the U.S Navy, 2 years went by and he learned about the U.S Navy Seals. He started doing research on how to apply and what all he needed to do to be eligible. A year went by and he finally applied after he thought he was ready. He passed everything on the 20 tests that he had to take. Him and his team did a couple of classified missions that can't be talked about. On July 12th 2020, his team was sent to do some recon on a "High Value Target" that was suspected of smuggling drugs and weapons across the border and into Nalmalsk and selling them to the locals. It was 0100 hours when they parachuted out over Nalmalsk and landed outside of Tara Harbor. The team landed and made their way to Tara Harbor as that how they been shipping drugs in and out or at least that what our informer told us. Kyle told the team to head into Tara town to talk to some of the local to see what information they have, Kyle made his way to a advantage spot over the town to keep eyes on his team. He looked through his scope and had eyes on the team moving into position on the town, they moved in and was attacked by the infected "aka know as zombies" Kyle started to shoot and try to save his team from the massive horde of zombies tearing them apart, they tried the best and so did i to save them. Kyle team are all dead and radio has gone dark, Kyle keeps shooting while the zombies start to make their way to him up the mountain. Kyle had no other option but to run and try to find shelter away from the zombies. He managed to find a house in the middle of the woods to keep warm for the night.....
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