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  1. I have reduced the amount we have, as well as made a bigger landing pad for you I'm also working on lifting the lockdown, starting the charity area etc.
  2. *A southern voice would be heard over the radio* "Are you fucking kidding me? Put it behind us? Why don't you go tell that to our doctor we had to bury." *A very high amount of cussing and other explitives can be heard before the radio clicks off*
  3. *Jeremy would turn on his radio and push down the PTT button* "This is Jeremy, calling for Hector Del Toro. I'm looking to trade storage and rubles for supplies. Hope to hear from you soon." *Jeremy would release the button, and silence would begin again.*
  4. Hell yeah! Really appreciate it Roland. Also, many thanks to Misho for the Scar H!
  5. I was always told it was a strict RP item. Never had a real reason to carry something like that around on my character, and if and when this passes I would have an actual reason to, as I'm not familiar with the chernarus map.
  6. I was just near the landmine, that was it. I didn't shoot anyone or place the landmine.
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/54468-ghostyalt/warnings/6773/ Why the verdict is not fair: I know that this isn't a valid response on this, but I am new. We were leaving the Namalsk server to the Chernarus server. We had about 20 people leaving. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: We had gotten to the island, where people were shooting off their entire mags of ammo, people shooting each other in the face, people staging fights just for an excuse to kill each other. People suiciding off buildings. I thought it was okay, since it was a bunch of people who were old in the community. I've only been here for less than a month. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to atleast have a reduced sentence or possibly an entire unban as I thought it was okay. I would also like my character to be un-pked as I was starting a new chapter for the character. What could you have done better?: To not follow what everyone else did, and just logged off. Do not participate in things like that.
  8. Born in Rural Washington, 1988, to a family of hunters, gatherers and smiths, Jeremy Jäger was always the person to look out for the smaller person. Whether it's in school fights, or survival. From a young age, Jeremy was brought up on the thought that everyone has a purpose in life, from the laborers in coal mines, to the big corporate CEOs of New York. His father would often take him out hunting, to show Jeremy how to survive off the land. They hunted for deer, and foxes, even going as far as to create fishing poles to fish. Growing up, Jeremy did not have much, his family lived a modest lifestyle. His one expense in life was going out on hunting trips with his father. When the flu hit, Jeremy and his family set out into the wilderness to survive by themselves. One day, as Jeremy was returning from a hunting trip, he heard screams coming from the little cabin they had made. Jeremy sprinted towards the door, weapon ready. What he saw inside filled him with dread, ferals had appeared and had slaughtered everyone inside, his parents, his wife and daughter. From this point on, Jeremy only survived for his families memory. He had made his way to the coast of Washington, found a usable boat and set off for California. Partway through his journey, terrible weather had hit and turned him way off course. He soon found himself washed up ashore on Namalsk. Knowing how he was brought up, he immediately set off to find a safe place to build shelter.
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