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  1. Map: Chernarus Name: Winter “Void” Valley Date of birth: 12/5/1994 Bio: Childhood “I was born into a poor family. After I was born we moved to Chernarus because of my father who was deployed there., At the age of 6 I ran away from home to be by myself, just me and nature. I was always in love with the woods. The trees, the wildlife, it was amazing. I would steal food from the neighbors and live under bridges and rocks. But I wanted that life and I damn well enjoyed it.” The War “ I was 14 when the war raged on, people killing each other over the movement. I still hear the bombs drop every now and again. The first part of the war It only lasted like 5 months but it was a nightmare, having to hide all the time. Losing my father after being shot in the head and losing my mother to stage 2 cancer. It was a very depressing time for me but I had willpower to survive and live on, maybe living during the hard times. And start training to fully live off the land and defend myself.” The Outbreak “Life is hell and the world is in crumbles… almost all life is gone and the government seems no more. People kill to survive and you can't trust anyone. All borders have been cut off and the world is Barely thriving. Am so happy I lived on my own for so long. I seem more prepared than your average person, yet not as prepared as the people with bunkers and fully barricaded houses. I don't call a place home yet, I wander about the woods scavenging all that I can and just finding enough food and water to keep me alive. I haven't killed a man yet and I'm glad I never had to, but the “Things” are a different story. They are everywhere and they never stop coming. I'm not looking forward for what the world is going to look like in the next year or so but i'm going to live through it and hope that we become normal again,” d
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