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  1. Andreas was born into a family of farmers and had to begin working at the age of 7, he had a loving but strict father whose name was Mikael, his father used to work on their farm almost all day and rarely played with Andreas. His mother on the other hand used to teach Andreas the medical benefits of certain plants and simultaneously taught him certain survival skills. Andreas grew quite fond of nature during his alone time, he learned to survive on the bare necessities and he quite enjoyed it. When Andreas Turned 21 he decided to make his father proud and help rebuild civilization.
  2. Lewis was born into the wasteland and quickly adapted, he did not find the creatures frightening but liked to stay far away from them. From the beginning he was taught the tricks to survive in the wasteland and started to prosper when he was very young, his father would take him on hunting and fishing trips which he grew to love. He does not Like to hurt other survivors but he will if he must. When he was 13 years old he was separated from his family which put his skills to the test a few weeks later they reunited and continued on with the struggle to survive when he turned 16 years old he said his goodbyes and tried his wings in the wasteland on his own.
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