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  1. alex was born in manchester where he lived with his mother and father called daniel rider and jessica rider. he had a pretty stable childhood until when he was around 12 where he was involed in a car crash and both of his parents were killed and him only barely surviving and then he has been a lone wolf his father always had extra supplies in the house that would last for months so alex lived of them for months he was continuely running as the child services were trying to relocate him to a different family in the country side. after a few months his dads supplies ran out and he had to make a choice to move in with someone he could trust. while he was running away he met many people but had the best relationship with jacob a teen from liverpool. he met him during his first month running away and have been in contact since. when he moved in with jacob and his family his parents wanted to alert the authorites about alex but after talking to alex decided not to and they looked after him and made him a part of there family. he couldnt go school so had home schooling until he was 18 where he decided to leave as he wanted to go around the world and explore. him and jacob first went to france to see the eiffel tower and then just went around europe without a plan so they could see the beauty the place holds. they arrived in Chernarus in november 2019 this was the last place we wanted to visit. they decided to stay in chernarus for 4 months so they could meet the locals and have a break from travelling. in there first month they made a lot friends with the locals and decided to stay in gorka. in january while the Caedesviridae infection was circlating they were very careful not to catch and wanted to go home and decided they would leave in march as they wanted to see the rest of chernarus they hadnt seen. during febuary they stock pilled on food so they didnt run out and incase the supeermarket shut. during the day of march 4th the lads seen the announcement of quarantine and about military keeping people inside there towns so they had to stay. during the week of march 4th the lads seen rthe country become unrest and they heard they were not the only people in there situation from being abroad so thought they would eventualy be released and allowed home during april reports of people previously contracting the infection becoming violent to others came to surface and this lead to people fighting against the government. during may there were forced to evacuate there town and forced into relocation camps around high populated areas. many they knew were shot as thety were deemed a risk to the public. alex felt hopeless and thought he would die in chernarus and so did jacob. during the end of may the camps started to be abandoned during this time jacob caught the infection and died with in days so alex thought this was his chance until realising some forces still remained so decided to stay for a while until he could escape safetly.
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