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  1. Evin Foster back at it again with some cool ideas... this time idk wtf I’m even looking at when it comes to the second one. In regards to your first topic I would just wait till dayz vanilla update 1.14 comes out because it introduces toxic zones. The staff could fiddle with it accordingly. Your second topic is hurting my brain. Maybe I am just too stupid but IDK what I’m even reading. I appreciate the effort tho. Epic evin foster moment.
  2. dayz roleplay community, does @Mike play a good anime girl?



    1. Mike


      It took lots of practice to nail that line.

    2. Mason


      I have never laughed harder than when we played that game

    3. ImChips


      @Mike you make that your main character and I join Sobaki 😍😍😍😍

    4. Mike
    5. ImPurge


      @Mike If that's your main character what would your thoughts on furthering a erotic storyline with me be?

    6. Mike


      @ImPurge Check your DM's for your answer

    7. CutieKermie


      I am so fucking glad I didn't come to this dumpster fire of an event.

    8. Nyx


      What the fuck

    9. CutieNiller


      Mike as an Anime Girl.

      i approve.

  3. Wont give any names but I know plenty of guys and gals who I would be able to both RP and participate in firefights with pre Nyheim. Its much different now, RP focused groups cannot exist effectively anymore due to the ease that hostile groups have in terms of finding them and giving them grief. As Sobaki I am guilty of this. We do our best to give the best RP we can but those who we are hostile with (with good reason mind you) and cannot defend themselves due to not being proficient enough at PVP or just not having enough people simply cannot avoid us. As it stands there is now only 3 non lore groups left and all three are groups that are not shy to fight and spend a lot of time fighting. Following point will be addressed in mr the taffinators thing You can roast and call it mentality if you want but maps like Chernarus actually had the size to accommodate many playstyles.
  4. The players can, and have proved that they can. I've seen it firsthand. What I'm trying to say is that it falls severely short of the normal present day roleplay that most of us are used to. If you feel the community is not properly roleplaying the setting correctly (and seems to do quite the opposite and instead roleplays as if its a present setting) maybe it shows that the community would rather not roleplay in 2071.
  5. I don't even know what to say anymore. I know we got an update via the roadmap in terms of the map and its progression regarding development but in my eyes nothing will change unless the map size increases. It has been admitted that this size may increase next year but even then the claim is that it would be "slightly" bigger. I don't have the patience to wait anymore and this isn't my only gripe with the server anyways. The lore sucks, it just does. Being this far into the future is awful for a roleplay standpoint with the current items and climate that we are in ingame. 2071 is so incredibly hard to immerse yourself in correctly so it just ends up seeming like you are in 2021 with the way players talk, behave, dress, and roleplay. It makes me wonder why the hell the decision was even made to go this far. The map could easily fit in 2030 or even 2040 with the way the map works. Characters have no interesting backstory anymore as everyone was just surviving however many years ago opposed to the old days of actually having a life pre apocalypse that the player could easily relate to and could make the experience seem that much more believable, engaging, and realistic. DayZRP took a giant L in my eyes for going this direction.
  6. End of the day, if this rule existed you would see many upon many bases throughout Nyheim that would be too tedious to raid due to the amount of hoops you would have to jump through in order to do so. This would result in a suffering server performance and tbh would make the landscape and building look awful. Not to mention there already isn’t a lot you can explore within the already small map of Nyheim and this would just restrict it further.
  7. No Namalsk survival was a good realism mod. -1
  8. Server pop after the sobaki vs vk deathmatch is over for the day



    1. Realize


      Sad Its Over GIF by Star Wars

  9. I think @Andromexus is active enough, I wouldn't worry too much.
  10. Finally ready to continue to work and do it better I hope I have no celebration planned nor appreciation towards the staff team as this should have happened long ago. Nonetheless, @Mason shall we continue?
  11. Offline raiding helps with server performance. I’ve played on servers with strict offline raiding rules and it’s not pretty. Lack of meaningful loot out in the world and bad server performance. You just have to suck it up and leave the base for roleplay. Raiding is part of DayZ. -1
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