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  1. Comrade Deg

    • Comrade Deg
    • Scooter

    Thank you for your service!

    1. Scooter


      No no no, thank you

  2. Comrade Deg

    Bring Back Desolation

    I think there are some custom versions of desolation I think they offer a bit more than the default desolation mod.
  3. Comrade Deg

    S1/NWAF/17-12-2016, 03:48/BadRP/NVFL

    I hate tims you deserve this.
  4. Comrade Deg

    Free Ubisoft Games bundle

    The Crew is pretty good for a free game.
  5. Comrade Deg

    Election Day

    [video=youtube] Why we need a Donnie Trump to preserve an American future, and not let it be over run by a Women who wants to give away all the benefits of being a American citizen.
  6. Comrade Deg

    Election Day

    I dont think dayzRP is the right place for a political forum
  7. But what should we do if they are ethnic russians occupying someone elses land?
  8. Comrade Deg

    Playing a kid/young character [WIP]

    Does this entitle me to RP a big burly man????
  9. Yea but I am playing medic now and I got a semi auto sniper that does pretty decent damage. Its a win win situation ww1 auto sniper......... my immersion
  10. Comrade Deg


    You still look a nerd. but that doesn't stop me! <3
  11. Or maybe it's just an off topic forum and people just want to express their views. thats not the problem but from what I can tell people have been taking it to the next level and its not expressing it is an attack from people on both sides.
  12. Sitting here and typing how a government should change something or how a political decision is unfair is pointless as this is a gaming community, and believing that your argument of political opinion matters online because one else will listen to you outside of DayzRP that you didn't get your way is just as pointless. Good luck guys. Maybe pick up a pen and paper or even better run for office with your political hierarchy..... or you liberal cucks could try and pick up a rifle and fight this oppression of your current old white leaders.
  13. Thanks for putting my name in. Glad you are back!
  14. Is this some sort of game?
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