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  1. I came to Chernarus a few years back with Daniel or "timber" as he calls himself sometimes, we came here for a survival expedition and i still remember get off the plain and then meeting Daniel and his companions, we planed a entire week for our survival expedition but then the Frenzy flu broke out and full on pandemic happened during our stay here in Chernarus and we couldn't get, now we are stuck in the worst place possible and its kind of funny i remember Daniel and me back in college taking our classes together and we would talk about situations just like this for fun and to escape the boredom of our teachers lectures but now i can see where a simple joke can take you because I'm now living it and i wish i could be back home to the warm state of Kentucky and talk to my friends, family and sit at the old apple tree behind the house and watch the sun go down and that i think about i should have taken that job to be forester but i didn't and I'm not home and I'm not planning on dying out here, i will try my hardest to get out of here with my friends and anyone else who we can take.
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