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  1. BACKGROUND If one were to ask Matt about himself-- how did he get here? Where is he from? How old is he? His birthday? All questions that people should be able to answer no problem, he wouldn't be able to give much of an answer to. The only things he really knows is that he woke up in the woods with a massive headache and dried blood on his face, and that his name is "Matt". In short- Matt is an amnesiac who woke up in the woods relatively recently. Who he was before that, if he /was/ anything before that, remains unknown to him along with every other detail that he should know about himself. Even the name “Matt” was something that was given to him after waking up; given to him by a girl by the name of Ruby that he had stumbled across while trying to find help. PERSONALITY Despite his circumstances and the state of the world that he was “born” into, Matt still somehow manages to keep his head held high regardless of what is chasing him down, be it bandits or Infected. If one didn’t know better, they would almost think he was having /fun/. Was he having fun? Did he enjoy life like this, even if his life was constantly in danger? How stupid /was/ this guy? Matt is a rather rambunctious young man, making him the least ideal traveling partner on account of his loud voice and reckless actions. He’s more of a “move first, ask questions later” kind of guy which often gets him into some sort of trouble, whether it be with other humans or Infected. Despite this, he ultimately means well and is overall friendly to everyone regardless of their social standing. LOCATION As is to be expected with his lack of memories, Matt had no idea where he was-- until he met Ruby, the girl that named him, and traveled with her for a time. She informed him that they were currently in a location called “Chernarus” and that it was no longer safe to be here. She wasn’t sure if /anywhere/ was safe anymore, but she wanted to get out of the country and hopefully be able to live again without constantly having to look over her shoulder constantly or worry about being killed in her sleep by bandits or Infected-- and to look for her family, who she had hoped already made it across the border.. The mention of “Infected” arose the question: what are they? While initially surprised at Matt’s lack of knowledge on the subject, upon remembering that the boy she was traveling with didn’t know much of /anything/, she explained that the Infected are people who have come down with the Frenzied Flu, an illness that-- as Ruby described it-- basically turns humans into aggressive, rabid animals. Having encountered plenty of Infected prior to meeting Ruby, that description definitely seemed fitting… Matt had wondered up until that point if the victims of the Frenzied Flu were actually alive or dead, but from what Ruby was saying, it seemed to be the former. PRESENT Matt and Ruby decide that it would be better to travel together to the border so they can hopefully flee the country and get to safer territory. Following the road and signs along the way (the signs being completely unintelligible to Matt, though luckily Ruby knew Russian), camping in the woods and scavenging for food, they were able to get relatively close to their destination until they hit a roadblock. A metaphorical one, though it did constitute as a physical one as well. The area was absolutely /infested/ with the bandits. Matt silently weighed his options. The two could sneak through and risk getting caught so close to their destination, or… an even greater risk, though only one posed to him: he could create a diversion so that Ruby could run through. He knew that she would immediately say no to this, but out of the two of them, Matt didn’t have much reason to live. Ruby, however, had every reason: she had to find her family, a life she wanted to return to. For Matt, this way of life was all that he has ever known, though his life technically only started a couple of months ago. More than anything, Matt wanted his only friend to be safe. Even if that safety would only be gained if he was to risk his own life for it. “I’m going to cause as much of a ruckus as I can to grab their attention. Run through when the coast is clear,” is the last thing he said to Ruby before charging off into clear view. His ultimate goal: to cause as much havoc as possible and grab anything that he could to lead the bandits on a wild goose chase. And he did just that. If laws still applied, surely Matt would have been charged with thousands of dollars worth of property damage. By the time the bandits finally began to focus on him and give chase, the boy had flattened tires, destroyed windows, kicked in doors, stolen several shiny important looking objects, you name it. He unknowingly dealt a heavy blow to this particular group of bandits. As he ran off into the nearby woods, he looked over his shoulder to see Ruby rushing down the street as fast as she could, completely unnoticed and unpursued by the bandits. Despite running for his life, Matt felt as if a huge weight had been removed from his chest. The plan went off without a hitch. Either he had insanely good luck, or these bandits were just plain stupid. By the time the bandits had finally lost his scent, Matt had no idea where he was. As he was running, he took so many turns that he had no idea what direction he was facing anymore. North? South? East? West? Which way had he even come from?! Ruby may be out of the woods, for that he was thankful, but now he had himself to worry about. Ruby had been carrying all of their supplies thus far, and with her gone now... Uh oh. Well… he had better work on getting out of the woods first. Then he can start looking for food as soon as possible.
  2. dang i was hoping i wouldn't have to do that oh well, i'll get on that right away. thank you!
  3. i'm back with another question! my whitelist was denied for not having a last name attributed to my character so i'm wondering how i can fix that. i can't seem to find an option for it anywhere
  4. LC

    hi everyone!

    thank you everyone
  5. LC

    hi everyone!

    i've been a forums member for a few days but just got around to making this oops i'm cain! i'm kinda really not great at voice rp (rp in general, really) but i don't really care, i'm here to have fun and check things out! i'm pretty interested in the lore and how things are set up around here in-game so i'm excited to check that out. i've been waiting in the whitelist queue for like 3 days now but hopefully i'll get to play soon, until then i'll be hanging around the forums and chilling without really saying much nice to meet yall \o/
  6. heya! ohhhh okay that makes sense! i took a peek inside of the characters list and noticed that all of them were using pictures of real people so it pretty much gave me my answer that's alright though! i could definitely make a thread showing my character's actual design rather than the google images picture i grabbed of him ^^
  7. indeed it does! thank you for the information ^^
  8. sorry for making another post, i just want to make sure i've got everything right before i sent in my character page! what is the current year in the lore? is it 2020 like irl? i read over all of the lore but couldn't find mention of the current year (maybe i managed to skip over it somehow?).
  9. okay so, i have another question related to my character. i'm working my way through the whitelist and am currently on the character creation segment but i noticed it said that we're not allowed to use 'cartoons' from google as our character images. how about images that we've drawn ourselves? i'm an artist and would like to draw my characters appearance rather than find some random dude on google to use as a faceclaim. is this okay?
  10. will do! that was on my list of things to do after reworking my character a little bit ^^
  11. i see! like i said just a bit ago, i should have read the lore before posting but that's totally on me lol, i'm reading up on it now. didn't realize that there were no zombies here! but that's okay, i'll be able to rework the character to fit better into the lore. thanks for clarifying!
  12. ohhhhh okay, i understand now! sorry about that, i probably should've read the lore first before posting i guess i could work around this and repurpose him into something that fits in more! thanks for letting me know
  13. hello! i joined this website a few days ago and am focusing on building up hours in the game so that i can properly join but i have a question regarding the character i would most likely play here. he's a comedy relief-type character and also (technically) a sentient zombie? i would just like to know if either of these things are allowed (the zombie thing in particular-- though i wouldn't exactly require any special treatment to play him, the world would still basically treat him as if he was still human). i could go into more detail if needed?
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