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  1. is there something im missing about these passphrases, ive literally read and re re read the rules and newcomers guide and I cannot find a "word that doesnt fit" i thought about this literally and figuratively. Im going nuts and feeling quite stupid now. Edit#1: I found them. DAMN my eyes hurt..... Edit #2: Thanks for the help Guys!! Cant wait to play on here.......
  2. Born and raised on the mean streets of Northern NJ, I was always a trouble maker. Where I grew up it was either roll with the street gangs or preppy rich kids, I wasn't, and frankly didn't want to be accepted by either. I had my one true friend Nick. We made it thru high school together. Always had each others backs. We built our Harleys together and had dreams of riding with the Hells Angles. We had fought off gangbangers in Newark and Always stayed true to each other. When Nick and I enlisted in the marines together we though that would be our new adventure. But I was declined enlistment due to a heart murmur that was recorded once when I was 3 and never herd again. But they didn't want to hear it...…. Fast fwd. 2 years. I kept in touch with nick throughout his deployments. By now I was a fully patched member of the Pagans MC, a huge nation wide Outlaw MC with a ruthless reputation, When I got a strange call, It was Nick, He explained he was on a mission with a spec ops group somewhere near the former Soviet Union I had never heard of, a small country called Chenarus. His call was breaking up but I heard the words "city of Cherogorsk" "mass infection" "cover-up" and then He said "we were lied to, and now they're all dead. I'm the only one" ... I spent the next day calling everyone I could I could think of in the military looking for answers and all of Nicks superiors said the same thing. "he on assignment in Africa and hes fine." Right then I Knew what I had to do. I Tried to get a flight to this Chernogorsk But the only international flight closest to that part was to the Czech Republic, So it was there my journey began. I met a pilot that agreed to fly me into Krasnostav Airport. A civian airport on the eastern coast. We over the sea heading toward land when the plane shook violently... we were going to crash. Hopefully ill make it to that beach.........
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