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  2. Honestly had so much fun with the events that were being run today I was present for two of them and they where great, Keep it up. Also props to all the volunteers.
  3. Some great RP today, from all the events that where run and the people who was there. @RedSky @Luca @[email protected] Plus loads of others I don't know the forum names for
  4. Appreciate it, im looking forward to see you in game
  5. Hell yea, can't wait to be apart of this
  6. After escaping chernarus with SPERO he travelled the world with them. Ricky would settle down with his group on an small island where they would build shelter and attempt to live out their lives there. However one day on the ocean his boat got lost in a current and it was pushed out to sea. Rickys arrival on Nyheim was sudden and filled with confusion and anger at himself. He dosnt speak often about his past and whenever he does he shuts down, zoning out with the occasional emotional outburst.
  7. Was fun, being my first group on the server some great moments
  8. *Ricky would Prees his PTT* "We, we are back" "We are back"
  9. Link to the situation: N/A In game event Any supporting evidence : Stags stream Feedback: Had a great event was really fun to be apart of I look forward to future events Suggestions: N/A
  10. Character Name: Ricky Fire Character Age: 29 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? No Does your character have a mental disability? No Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) N/A Does your character have any phobia? Hates rain Does your character have a love interest? Not really Does your character have any addictions? Yes to cocaine Does your character do any drugs? Cocaine and weed, occasionally other pain medication Is your character overweight? No Are you willing to experience (manageable) small Hordes of infected or wolves during
  11. Age: 19 Why do you want to volunteer: I want to help the server progress with events and provide a high standard of RP for them as well as be there to witness how storys progress and develop. What Can I contribute with I feel I have a good level of RP which I can provide, I am good at improvising incase the event doesn't go as it was thought to, I can be quick with my words meaning I can give thought out responses to players within RP, I am a good listener, I have quite abit of RP history on other servers and games, Time zone: GMT - I am free mos
  12. Thanks RP was fun to interact with you guys @Franny @wastingdoor @Dank Ninja @[email protected] Sorry if I missed anyone out
  13. Had some great RP from @DrCor as well as @DrLettuce also everyone who was at Berinzino (cant remember everyone sorryyyy)
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