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  1. Ricky lived in the town of reading for 20 years , he worked as a lawyer for a big firm which have branches all over the world. He was deemed with the task of going to chenarus to visit a client. After staying there for a couple of months cases of the frenzied flu started to rise again, he was stuck. when cases start getting worse he gets moved out of the place he was staying and ends up walking. nit having time to grab his possessions he is stuck in an unknown country with little knowledge of the language
  2. Jak grew up within the walls of a rich family, he went through college and university with very good grades. however throughout university he fell in love with a girl named may. she was a volunteer at heart and managed to convince jack to go with her to most of them. One year May had received an opportunity to travel to the war torn country of chenarus, With much convincing jak joined her. On their travels over they had a disagreement leading jak to find somewhere to stay. due to an increase in the "frenzied" flu the country on lockdown stranding jak there. he managed to track down may and try to reason with her. she refused and a fight broke out between the two. just as she was about to board a boat to an exvil she was bitten by a crazed person she landed on the boat and it drove away. Presumably she made her way back to the UK however jak isn't aware of her fate. The virus got worse causing chaos and bloodshed. alone he trapped himself in his house for months before running out of food, he ventures into the world......
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