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  1. He was a gunner in a T-90A MBT and when the outbreak happened he fled from his base and hide in the woods for about a year where he lived among wolves and started to call himself Father Of The Wolves and during his time he wore the skull of a wolf around and protected wolves in his territory he is peaceful but wont hesitate to kill you for his children to eat but if meet with friendliness he will most likely trade with them he specializes in Russian weapons and equipment and has extensive knowledge of military vehicles and how to track and destroy them he lives in the woods with his children in only a tent and fireplace and anyone who approaches with a firearm in hands is usually told to put it away and if they say no there asked to leave and apone them saying no to that he gets up and leaves without a trace and tends to avoid other people due to most have hunted his kids and he hates them for it but will let mother nature sort them out but if he is approached he calls everyone meat and is usually passive unless he feels threatened and it that case he tries to pick survivors off one by one but if a survivor surrenders he usually leaves them alone and will never take a hostage unless he see them attacking his kids
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