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  1. Hey all, My name is Thomas. I'm a 30 year old guy from the UK. I work full time (Mon-Fri 9-5:30), I've got a wonderful wife and child. I'm currently studying for a higher level qualification related to my profession. I've played games from before I can remember to be honest, like I'm sure is the same for most of you lol. I'm pretty relaxed sort of guy. I've not got the most amount of hours played in DayZ (about 100, but most of those are from years ago - about 15-20 recently) so I'm still learning some of the mechanics but I've been playing on an easy, PVE server just to get used to some things such as base building etc. I'm hoping that once I'm settled into the community & server that I'll be able to join a faction, grouping up is way more fun after all, right? Hope to see you all in game soon, Tom
  2. After a middle class upbringing in the South East of the UK, Thomas spent the majority of his 20s bouncing between various low skilled jobs, more interested in experiences and adventures than saving and settling down. He has spent a good amount of time travelling the world, meeting new people and having fun. The last few years have been spent backpacking mainly Europe. The general path followed down through France, into Italy, across the baltic, through Greece, Turkey, Georgia and finally making his way to the peninsula within the Black Sea which houses Chernarus. While taking some time exploring the beautiful countryside of South Zagoria, everything went to shit. Upon hearing of the outbreak of a flu virus in the region, he decided he would spend some time camping alone in the woods to avoid getting sick as he lacked any health insurance and wasn't sure if he'd even be treated because of this. By the time he ran out of supplies and risked entering the nearest village to buy some supplies, the police & military presence had drastically increased. He was quickly arrested for breaking curfew, with people screaming at him in a language he didn't understand, pointing guns at him. Thankfully, he was able to bribe his way out of custody with what little money he had left, leaving him without any funds left. Since the outbreak, Thomas has found himself pushed to the extremes of being forced to survive. Without any money, supplies or friends in the region he has had to learn to hunt, fish and avoid detection by the local authorities, however as he isn't local and doesn't know anyone, nobody is looking for him hiding out in the woods. Afraid of capture, or worse, at the hands of the local military groups roaming the areas he has avoided even making a fire at night for the last few months unless absolutely necessary for food preparation. He has not killed another human being who isn't infected, believing that people have value. He hopes it remains this way, but with the situation becoming more and more grave by the day he is doubtful it will stay this way. If forced into the situation, he knows he could defend himself from those who wish to do him harm... but could he harm an innocent or weak person for his own preservation? He exclusive speaks English and has had a good standard of education, however he isn't anything more than maybe slightly above average intelligence. He is familiar with the operation of weapon systems after visiting various gun ranges throughout the world on his travels however his experience is limited which has helped him while hunting however the simple double barreled shotgun he stolen from an abandoned farm house didn't come with many shells, so he left it behind weeks ago. A decision he may well come to regret one day.
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