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  1. It was a very interesting first day for me. I started out in the city and went looting around the map, exploring what I could. After that I pretty much stayed in the city for the rest of the day. Needless to say I heard multiple firefights going on so was a little cautious during my stay.
  2. Mick was born in the year 2041, in the settlement of Flade-Lande in what was once Denmark. Mick is the son of Ingrid Weber and Skip McGip. Mick is also the nephew of Flip McGip who he has never met before since his father Skip, was separated from him during the Russian Riots of The 3rd Wave. Mick’s father eventually made it to Germany where he met Ingrid. Eventually, the two fell in love when they met in the settlement. The two had Mick while in their 40s since they fell in love at a late age in their lives. Shortly after Mick was born, Ingrid contracted The Frenzy Flu from one of the infected
  3. You guys should watch Westworld


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      *slaps them both in Chernarussian*

  5. It was an honor being apart of this group! After my break from DayZRP you guys welcomed me with open arms. I'm glad I got to be here for the end of this lore with you guys. I want to thank @cjackson821 and @kalyri for letting be apart of something bigger and more meaningful than I realized. Even if I joined as a whitename I feel like I'm coming out of this with more experience. Also thank you to everyone I interacted with as a member of The Belic Bar. With that being said I'm going to miss this group and what it did for me and for Flip McGip. o7
  6. Can’t wait to get this started when the map comes out!
  7. New group up for Nyheim
    Excited Ocean Spray GIF by Monterey Bay Aquarium

  8. Nice Miss Dumbass.................................................HAAA--------AAAHHHH

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  9. I would definitely like the list so that way I can change the backstory of the character I'm working on to revolve around a certain settlement
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