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  1. Welcome, welcome! Hope you have fun!
  2. Another entry added to Mick’s Book

  3. *The writing would be pretty sloppy as if this was written in the middle of the night.* I can’t get their faces out of my head. I see their faces in my sleep. The experiments and Eight, their faces are engraved in my mind. I’ve killed eight of these experiments now and I have a feeling I’ll have to kill more. They’re mutating, I’ve witnessed about three jumping from roofs and one climbing up a building. There’s rumors of one that will not go down without 40 rounds of ammo. Me and group of people put one down before you can fully turn. I talked to him and had conversations before I literally pu
  4. You gave me a heart attack multiple times geez! I also had some great character progression and storyline start because of the experiments. Keep up the great work with the lore!
  5. You ever just....


    1. AlwaysGamer


      Second anime I watch after Psycho Pass... God the memories it brings back to see this intro again.

    2. Guylaxy



  6. Today I cracked a code that was a quick check mate. Eight was getting into more trouble he made double. Eight was infected but never got rejected. I sadly had to learn he had begun to turn. When he died I simply fell to my knees and cried. *There would be wet dollops on the page.* Eight was like a son to me, he was my number one. Shortly afterwards, I ran into four experiments. I felt so poor for them as the ran. It wasn’t the plan but I tased 3 of them. Yet they raised themselves and became things. The last one talked as if he was being stalked. He talked and showed the horrible things that w
  7. Can’t believe I’m actually on top of the loyalty streak leaderboard now.

    1. AlwaysGamer


      Shilo on top! 

  8. Shoutout to @[email protected] @[email protected]@[email protected]@V [email protected]@KricketRP. Love doing these RP Events and would love to continue doing these!
  9. *Mick would soon speak on the frequency.* "Sorry man, can't really help you with that. However Grisha who spoke before me can help for sure with that." *He would take a puff of his joint.* "Grisha is possibly one of the best around for whatever needs fixing."
  10. I’m not sure who exactly it was, however during one of the events me and one person cornered a random player and proceeded to torture them. My clown character took a piece of the characters leg off and ate it in front of him. He really leaned into the RP and by far has been my favorite.
  11. Yeah I still see it going on to this day. To be fair I joined the mob mentality at one point telling me not to wear ponchos but I have begun to rethink on it and I feel bad for these people who come in as a newcomer and essentially bullied not to wear ponchos.
  12. I personally see no issue with ponchos, I remember playing on Namalsk and I wore a poncho then. I was told by others not to wear it because it was edgy and you’ll be called a whitename for wearing it or that it looks stupid. Why can’t we let people wear what they want to wear with OOC bleeding into it.
  13. Even though I’m not a newcomer it’s really helpful to look back on this guide if I’m ever confused or need something cleared up.
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