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  1. Born in England to an English father and Russian mother, John Hicks of Jax as he is known as by his friends was well known by the law. After spending majority of his teenage years around the police station, he decided to change his life around and leave the gang life by becoming a police officer. After getting through the police academy, he then turned his eyes to the armed police forces after seeing them in action where he became a gun specialist. It was all going well for John, before his armed squad was sent to on an operation to take down his old gang. He found out that his old gang had murdered his parents in cold blood, as revenge for John leaving. Enriched with rage, Jon became a bad cop and started to not do things by the book. John decided that he needed to leave the country, as all of the Chief Inspectors and Sergeants were becoming suspicious to his off-duty actions, after they noticed that a large number of weapons were missing from the armoury. Without any planning, John grabbed enough clothes for a couple of weeks and his passport and headed to the airport and hopped onto a plane to Russia. When he got there, it was all nice and peaceful and this is where he met his wife Sarah. They spent 4 years being happily married, until the outbreak started. As the days drew on from the outbreak, his one true love was getting sicker and sicker and after hearing on the news what was happening elsewhere in the region, he was left with a tough decision. Do I leave my wife and let her get sicker and turn into a zombie, or do I put her out of her misery? After thinking long and hard about this for a couple of days, he was left with no choice but to end her suffering. Now all alone in Russia, he stumbled across a fellow survivor Samuel Orlov, who he now calls his friend.
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