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  1. Born from a portuguese naval military father - Com. Joaquim Costa - and a chernorussian mother - Katya Vladmirovna - , Sergei was born in Svetlojarsk. His parents decided to move while he was only an infant, soon they moved to Portugal, since life in Chernarus wasn't easy, while in the South West of Europe, life was as easy as it could be. After a normal child and teenage youth in the quiet south west, by following his father footsteps he soon became a successful ship captain at a relatively young adult age. After his parents retirement, they all decided to go back to Chernarus so they could see and meet the family. They agreed to wait for Sergei to finish his mission at sea and go together. But while Sergei was still on a mission, he got a message from his parents saying they were going earlier since there was some kind of issues and travels were getting very cheap, they had to go. It was only the next day Sergei would hear the news about the Frenzied Flu outbreak. Against all he was taught his life while in the army, as soon as he could, he abandoned his post. When he understood there was no way to get to Chernarus, he had to find a way to get there. So, he decided to do what he does best: sail there. He found what looked like an old abandoned sailboat, but with some working gear, so he took it, and soon his course was set to Chernarus. Close to arriving to Chernarus, a huge storm took his ship... he barely managed to reach shore, somewhere in Chernarus, but he did. With a strong background in military, in living at sea, with a strong will and determination to survive, and a higher moral compass, he now tries his best to survive and to help other also, all while trying to find his family. This where his journey begins...
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