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  1. December 2 Woke up this morning and was able to find my friend Kane on the radio. We wanted to meet up and goto a place called Tisy to try and find more supplies. At this point I'm really down to go where ever he wanted to head. Just being around another human being is a relief after the start to my life here in Chernarus. We met a few guys along the way that seemed nice enough. Over the radio Kane advised me to use caution around the new faces. I am too trusting of the folks out here I think. Life was so different in the Ukraine before all of this happened, it was the same grind every day but at least I didn't have to worry about someone killing me for a can of beans and a rifle... After we made it to the military base at Tisy I got separated from Kane somehow, I'm sure our paths will cross again. He seems to monitor 99.7 pretty regularly, along with Antonio being on there from time to time, it feels like I'm at least making some connections out here if not friends. Met up with a guy today at the military base that had some very different opinions about the folks a Green Mountain. Didn't catch his name, but he had a strong South American accent. Those guys at G.M. were so nice to me and my buddy, gave us any of the gear that we wanted or needed. This new guy warned me about possible robberies and that those folks aren't what they seem. Something about a power trip from the leader of Green Mountain, "narcissistic" was a direct quote. I go from not knowing if another person other than me is still breathing in this country, to worrying about politics and factions. Everyone is entitled to their opinion I guess. My experience will be my guide, the Green Mountain folks are ok in my book. They even did a fly by today when I was at the air field in a helicopter. I couldn't believe how loud that thing was overhead. Im assuming it was the G.M. folks, they are the only ones I have met with the resources to even think about flying around in a Huey. Almost lost my fool life today, I ran into not one, but two packs of wolves. Scared the shit out of me and almost cost me my life. I decided with was a good idea to run from the ski resort all the way south to the trader I heard is at Kamenka. I really need to get some base building supplies and call someplace home base. Running down the railroad tracks I came upon an old camp ground, grabbed some supplies and got blind sided by a pack of 5 wolves. Finally took them down after 2 clips from the AKM. Passing out on the ground from loosing so much blood was a shock to the system. Finally got my shit together and made my way to an industrial park just outside Zeleno, yeah I must have run what felt like 40k today. Found that someone had set up a base in one of the warehouses there. I turned around to check a nearby garage and got jumped by another 5-6 wolves. Thank God I jumped in that little shack and closed the door just before I got bit again. Those growling fuckers were trying to bust down the wooden door and I just unloaded a clip though the front door. When the growling stopped I reluctantly opened the door to see 4 of them in a pile with a couple infected. I cut up a couple of them, grilled up a couple steaks in the shed and went the fuck to sleep. Man today has been a long one. So has the journal entry I guess. Time to sleep, till tomorrow then.
  2. Being a new player here, both in RP and in general more building materials would be nice. As I was/am unfamiliar of the trader locations
  3. *Jay looks down at the radio and smirks a bit* "Antonio, thanks for walking a guy 'just off the boat' around a bit today. The first real voice I have heard at all out here man, thank you for being out there and listening. Even though you brought me to a God Damn murder scene ultimately. Hahaha... damn man I didn't expect my first encounter with someone alive to go down like that. To all the people up at Green Mountain, thank you for having the gear up for those of us that need a bit of help. I hope the items that I left there can help someone like the stuff left there helped me" *With relief Jay smiles a bit, reassured that he isn't alone out there* "Its just great to know I'm not alone anymore. I was starting to loose it a bit. Kinda like you crazy lady, I'm not sure who you are but you kept telling me 'I'm gonna find youuuuu..' Well I'm glad you didnt, I think. You sounded kinda loca, but I am glad your out there as well." *Jay lays back, confident that sleep tonight will come a bit easier knowing that he's not going at it all alone anymore* *He takes out his journal and writes Antonio down, along with Kane a couple guys that he is relieved he met and will remember their kindness*
  4. @RolandIs this information still applicable in our current version of the game?
  5. I hope thats the case! I just got here guys, lol. I love the idea of continuing on to other games with the community. I really havent 'met' anyone yet but I love how involved people seem in the RP community here. The stories, radio posts and all of the media are really engaging for a new player like me. Although I have no game time with any of you I get a real chance to experience your characters through all the media available. It would be great to see this level of involvement with another title.
  6. *Out of habit now and a bit desperation Jay pics up the military radio, dials 99.7 and repeats his now nightly routine* "Hello? This is Jay, is anyone out there? I've been out out here over a week now with no sign of anything or anyone alive, until today. I can hear some guns shots in the distance. Is that you? Are you listing? I'm a great shot if you need some help hunting or want some company! Hello? Hel..." *He looks off into the distance, at nothing. Thats all that there really is to him. Voice cracking he picks up the receiver one last time before logging off.* *Another rifle shot cracks in the distance* "If anyone is out there, I turn to this frequency 99.7 everyday just before night fall. I'm friendly and alone. I'm scared too you know? I'm here if you wanna talk, we don't have to meet if you dont want to... Just someone please. Hello? Alright... Ill be back here tomorrow night, same Bat time, same Bat chan...." *Defeated, Jay starts to sob silently, the light of a dying fire to flickers against the wall.*
  7. October 30 Finally got the guts up enough to leave the airfield. I don't know why I hung around there so much, maybe subconsciously waiting for dad. What a fucking pipe dream... Its just me now and I have to accept that more and more. I made it to a town called Lopatino, its a bit too close to the air field to even think about building a base. I'm sure bandits come though here quite allot looking for stashes or bases. I had almost given up on seeing anyone alive, let alone bandits. I heard some gun shots in the distance today, I was more excited than scared. I must have run 4 or 5 kilometers through this country and haven't seen any evidence whats so ever of a living soul being here anytime recently. Maybe there is hope of other survivors around here, friendly or not its nice to know I'm not absolutely alone. Maybe those damn dreams will go away again. Its not like I'm living a nightmare everyday or anything... I had a bad run in with infected today, got swarmed. I thought with all this new gear I could just fend them off easily and maybe find some food on one of their bodies. Man did I underestimate the damage a group of them could do. Before I knew it I was bleeding every where and making things worse firing that damn SMG. It was like a dinner bell to those guys. Luckily I made it inside a barrack before I passed out. There I was helpless on the ground with growling monsters scratching at the door, unconscious barley breathing hoping I would open my eyes again in time. I am so glad I found those bandages in the medical center, so much better than those dirty rags. I patched myself up, ate some chicken that I had grilled up earlier and waited out the night. Pustoshka is to my east I think, thats the location for settling down I guess. I have no idea why there other than I remember mom and dad talking about a beautiful church there next to a water tower. No idea what to expect when I get there. I keep flipping through this damn radio at night, just praying that I hear something, someone to talk to and maybe get some information about a safe place or group. Id love to be part of a community again. I thought I heard a muffled voice on 99.7 lastnight. I called back but heard nothing in return. Maybe its just my mind playing tricks on me. I found a pen not to long ago. I keep writing that station on all the water fountains that I find just in case someone sees it and tunes in. Man it would be great to hear from someone. Kind of like my attempt of a message in a bottle, apocalypses edition. Tomorrows another day, off to Pustoshka. Wish me luck....
  8. October 19 Getting off the barge in Elektro, I see nothing but infected and empty streets. Its cold here, the nights are dark and lonely. I don’t know if its any better here than the Ukraine.. I must look for my dad and any members of the CLF. There has to be someone here that has seen him. I arrived here with nothing, my clothes were ruined on the trip here and I someone made off with my Blaze in the middle of the night. I have a plum, a can of cola and a fucking glow stick. How am I supposed to start over with this? I need to start looking around this town for food and protection. I haven’t seen anyone in the first few days I have been here. Maybe I should head inland to find if there are any other survivors, anyone other than these infected. They are every where and much more violent than I have experienced before. Dad would have hit a military base around here to gain some sort of protection from bandits and all these walking dead. These poor souls are trapped in a frenzy of eating and violence. They cant even rest in peace, well at least until they run into me. I owe it to all of them to end their suffering and more importantly ensure that I survive. I just have to find somewhere to hold up tonight, get warm and find something to eat. I should head north, I remember dad talking about a big air field in the northwest. Maybe I can find someone there who knows him, hope fully I can find someone alive. I’m beginning to think coming here was a mistake. Maybe I should have waited around see if Koy came back. After mom died I wasn’t thinking straight. Its just me now, I haven’t ever been all alone before. But maybe this is what dad was preparing me for, all those days hunting and messing with all his guns. Maybe in someway it was all for this moment, whether we knew it or not. He has to be here somewhere, I have to start looking. October 23 I found a town Gorka, or at least that’s what the signs said. Nothing but infected and empty streets again. There has to be survivors around here somewhere… I have passed through town after town with no signs that anyone has been there. I cant believe this whole place is empty, that cant be. That cant happen, I have to find some signs that someone is alive. These nights are all starting to run together, its never light long enough ands the darkness seems to last forever. I have finally gotten up enough nerve to venture out at night. I found a flashlight and battery but that seems to attract more infected than it helps me see. It was a full moon last night, so it made it easier to find my way. I have no idea where I am in this place. I wish I could find a map or something, not knowing the area makes it so much harder to survive. I found a good radio last night, at least I can use the battery in that. I find myself scrolling through the channels just hoping to hear some chatter, something. Its been so long since I even heard another person’s voice or seen anyone alive for that matter. I’m beginning to think I am the only one left around here. October 27 I finally found that airfield my father told me about. And you guessed it, a ghost town. At this point I was even hoping to find bandits here. Something to prove I’m not entirely alone. The silence is deafening its so quite here. The wind rushing through the trees plays a kind of song, a melody as a soundtrack to my isolation. Its just all so empty, gone are my hopes of finding my father at all. I don’t know why I was so naïve to think I would just happen upon him here. What was I thinking… At least in Poltava I knew where I was, where to go and find shelter and supplies. Here I'm just running around like a fool hoping that the world is just going to present me with the things I need to survive. Today I'm going to fix that. I am going to take ownership in my survival. This base has been good to me. I found a few guns and some ammo. Better clothing was a huge bonus, the nights don’t seem so cold. I need to start thinking about building a place to call home, somewhere I can stash some gear and not have to pick and choose what supplies to keep all the time. Food is a constant problem, canned peaches and spaghetti are rare finds anymore. My mission is to start collecting some base building supplies. I have been here over a week now and I haven’t even seen one box of nails yet. I just found an axe last night, its going to be a real issue finding building items I think. A military base doesn’t seem like the best place to look. I have enough protection now, its time to find some more towns and potentially some building supplies. A town near here called Pustoshka looks like I maybe able to find a place to build. From the map I saw at the base, there is a water supply and some structures that I may be able to use. That’s my goal for now. I just need to stay focused and alive.
  9. JDola

    hi everyone!

    Good luck on the whitelist. Glad to have you here
  10. Hi there! I too am mic shy, I'm incredibly new to RP and the whole business. I look forward to the experience and hope to see you around. Welcome
  11. These are great, so well written. I look forward to seeing more
  12. Dark Night, So Far Away, Mr. Fletcher & The View and The Views are so well composed. I love these! The polaroid frame is so fitting to the lore it adds so much to the images. Keep it up they are awesome.
  13. JDola


    I was taken back by all of the lore as well. We are all new here, or at least once were. Im sure a great effort will be appreciated. Not to mention it helps to get to that daunting 1k words lol. Welcome
  14. JDola

    I'm back!

    Glad to see some other "old" people around, lol Im in my early 40's too. Im super new, but welcome back none the less!
  15. You tube content got me hooked on the RP side of the game too. Welcome
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