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  1. Most people seem to think Mike is odd and clumsy considering he is always dropping things. Actually if it wasn't for his ability to find things and hide, someone might have considered him useless and killed him. He doesn't like to talk to random people which is noted by most people. They may think he is shy or anti-social which isn't nearly the case. He's just rather scared to really communicate with anyone due to the recent circumstances. Mike was pretty new to Chernarus and didn't really know anyone. Once someone does attempt to speak to Mike, he easily opens up and usually attempts to be friends with that person. Mike cares deeply about what people think of him though he doesn't like to show it. Normally he drops things or trips when he get nervous around people. He can kinda sorta tell who is more accepting of him and will only talk to them. He is afraid of being bullied by others. Really he is a well thought out kind of guy but doesn't like to show it so he doesn't let anyone down.
  2. First choice would HAVE to be the Lee Einfield, Then the M24.
  3. Thanks for the info Tyrone, and glad to be back!
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome guy's! Already feel at home!
  5. Since my account got removed due to inactivity I had to remake my account.
  6. Hey guy's! Took a long break off of DayZ, but decided to come back, I was missing the RP fun, can't really get enough of it! Looking forward to playing with you all!
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