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  1. Philémon comes from the French vietnamese community, his grandparents left vietnam during the Indochina war and settled in France. His father met a French teacher with whom they had Hypolite. Unfortunatelly his mother died at a young age following a tragic car accident. Before the outbreak he was working as an electronics engineer, designing missile guiding systems, some of which were used during the chernarussian war but he prefers to forget that, feeling guilty from the destruction his work brought. When the French state started showing signs of authoritarism in the summer 2020, he decided to go live in more rural areas, since plane and boats were immobilized he left the country by car with his father, before Shengen was blocked, to join Finland, where water is easily accessible and wild spaces are common to live in. However during his trip the whole Shengen space collapsed, forcing him to continue by foot after Poland. His father already sick, did not survive. Hypolite decided however to continue his trip but was caught by a Russian patrol that captured him, they managed to find out about his past skills (thought he never revealed he worked on weapon systems) and gave him two choices: help them maintain their electronics or be detained and sent back to France. He then ended up working for the Russian military as a civilian, with the help of translators he had to help maintaining Russian electronics helping him familirize with their equipment. He ended up with the 56th Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade for a few weeks and was brought to Chernarus with them. But when the unit left Hypolite took that as an opportunity to defect and stay there. he jumped out of the back of his truck when they were set to an halt, with his repair kit and fatigues. Thought he learned about surviving in the wild before trying to go to Finland, the affair appeared harder than expected. In the first week he got robbed of all his possessions and only found new clothes by looting abandoned farms.
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