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  1. A business man that lived a life of luxury running a distillery operation to fuel the rivers of liquor in Atlantic city. Has no real close friends or family, lives and deals with the intent of bettering no one but himself. takes advantage of associates to keep his neck out of harms way while they risk their lives to support his infrastructure. He has taken some time to leave the country and see the business prospects around the world. He found himself traveling across many parts of the UK and china, only to end his venture in Russia. He heard of an interesting area that needs funding from a man such as nucky, the name of this location was chernarus. He was told that the area only needed simple changes to turn into a thriving area. On his place ride into chernarus he was mildly confused to see that the streets were empty below him, and the buildings that lined the round were damaged or destroyed. "What happen he yelled", to the pilot, as the pilot turned to respond a AAA shell has struck their plane and everything went black. Nucky awoke to two gentlemen dragging him away from the wreckage, he faded in and out until he awoke the next morning, alone next to a fire with nothing but two cans of beans and a canteen.
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