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  1. Born in a small hospital in Tizy, Nikolai was neglected by his mother and was left to his own devices. He found comfort in medical magazines and books. At age 18 he left Chernarus in favor for a Medical scholarship in America. During his time in America, he got a Medical License and became a renowned doctor in Chicago, as it would turn out, he was exceptionally good with medicine. He spent 15 years in America and eventually found himself back in Chernarus to research the sudden outbreaks of the, "Frenzy Flu" He got stuck in Chernarus as the flu spread all over infecting a good majority of the population. He now goes from camp to camp, civilization to civilization, to treat people using his extensive medical knowledge. Nikolai has no firearms training and can really only wield a knife efficiently, probably because of it's similarity to a scalpel.
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