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  1. Petró born in Noviy Sobor in February of 93, during the fall of soviet union and times of hardship for chernorussian people. When he went to school, his family has moved to Electrozavosk so he can get proper education. His favorite subjects were Chernorussian, literature and english. Growing up in the jewish family he had liberal views on life and hated communism as he grew up in it’s remnants. When CHDKZ has committed its first terror act in the middle of Electrozavodsk in 2005, his parents were killed in the crossfire, which strengthened his hatred to communists. He was too young to fight, so he joined NAPA movement as a driver, taking partisans to their destinations and helping them to quickly disappear from the hotzone on his fathers PRAHA V35 truck. In 2010, after US expeditionary forces have defeated major CHDKZ blocks and withdrew from chernarus, he became a guerilla warlord, fighting remains of insurgent SOTNYA groups with his guerilla section of six people, then returning home and living normal life, working as an english teacher in Berezino. Outbreak has caught him during his week long solo reconnaissance in the woods...
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