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  1. Born and raised on a farm just outside of Kent. At the age of 15 his mother gifted him his first camera and what seemed like a natural born passion for photography was born. While remaining a simple hobby for most of is life, taking pictures of local wildlife around the English country side and submitting them to local newspapers and magazine competitions. One day this was to change when a competition granted him the chance of a life time. A job at national geographic. Soon enough, Guy was packing his bags and on a trip. Filled to the brim with excitement and joy because of his seemingly good luck. Finally, a chance to take pictures of wildlife all over the world. Starting within eastern Europe. However, this luck would flip once arriving in Chernarus. What had once seemed like a minor epidemic in Istanbul had began to spread and soon enough Guy down himself amiss the troubles of a foreign land in a time of create crisis. Quarantined and unable to return home.
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