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  1. Jibrail was a Jordanian Special Forces soldier, in the counter-intelligence and counter-terror unit. After the long growing tensions in the Middle East due to rampant activities by militias and terrorist groups, Jibrail was dispatched to Syria as part of a specials recon unit tasked to find and retrieve a valuable asset. After having sneaked into Syria as a civilian and meeting up with their contact near Damascus, Jibrail readied himself for dispatch later that night. The target was held in a contested village between the Syrian Liberation Front and a rouge militia, defected from a big terror group in the region. This area was under heavy bombardment by the Russian military as an initiative to counter the moving militia. His sources reported that that specific night, there would be no Russian intervention due to the Russian government needing to pullback their troops back to Russia in order to be mobilized internally due to a high risk situation. Moving into the village, Jibrail and his unit of 4 moved in the dead of night. In complete surprise, him and his unit were subdued, tied up and completely blindfolded and gagged. Jibrail could smell a doused rag being put to his mouth and dropped unconscious. After what felt like an eternity he awoke, half naked in a cell with a man staring down at him. He had been kidnapped by Russian Spetznaz and flown back to Russia as a POW. The Kremlin needed the information he and his unit had over the asset, being a defected spy that had launch codes for missiles in Russia, targeting the Chernarus region due to an apparent civil war. Jibrail was threatened with death unless he could help them find this asset that was hiding in Chernarus at the time. The lead leaked to the Jordanian government that the asset was in Syria was a false leak in order to extract information directly from the source, Jordan being an American ally. Jibrail had no intention to die in a prison cell in Russia and was thus sent into Chernarus, not knowing the horrors that awaited him in the coming future. A forgotten asset in a world crumbling.
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