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  1. Grew up on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, joined the Marines when he turned 18, like his father. In the Marines, he was stationed in both Korea and Russia. Discovering he had a knack for languages, he quickly picked up both during his stay in each country. His squad often used him as a go between with the locals. After serving 12 years in the military, he got word that his father had died. He returned to the US and took up ownership of the cattle ranch he grew up on. He managed that ranch for the next 26 years. Just a year and a half ago, he decided to take a long trip and revisit the places he was stationed. He was in Chernarus when the outbreak stuck. These days, he's looking for a stable enough group to wait things out in and survive, hopefully waiting this all out until he can get back home to his wife and kids who he left behind.
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