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  1. Thanks everyone. I got it working by selecting my main character which was not the correct appearance, but when I spawned in, it was the correct appearance somehow. Guess I'm good now. Thank you
  2. I'm newly Whitelisted and every time I try to join the server, it changes my characters appearance. For RP this is terrible since it wont make sense. I've tried everything that I can think of. I've made my character, applied changes and selected the server and joined but it changes my characters looks. Not sure what to do.
  3. Michael Thompson is a member of a US/NATO team that was deployed to Chernarus in 2016 after the installation of Ivan Bernarus as President of the CSR. The deployment of this team was classified Top Secret and was without the knowledge of the Russian Federation. The mission of the team was to monitor the progress and status of the annexation of Chernarus by the Russian Federation. NATO was powerless to act openly so this clandestine mission was formed to keep watchful eyes within the country looking for signs of crimes against humanity, war crimes, or ANY existential threats from within. The key to the success of this mission was dependent on the secrecy of it. The observations of this team were free of international scrutiny, bias and political bureaucracy. Insuring proper and TRUE reporting from the team. The team was composed of members from various military units and all trained in tactics of war, survival and public relations. Their mission was not to integrate into the public but to observe without restraint. In order to do this, they lived "off the grid". Basing themselves in the wilderness, free to move around the region and they saw fit. This tactic allowed them to move to any location that intelligence pointed to, in a way not possible had they been installed in the communities where civilians and the authorities would notice if they were to suddenly leave. In the cities and towns, they were merely another pedestrian, not known to anyone. When the Caedesviridae infection spread in early 2020, the mission of the team shifted. They began to report on the Russian Federations handling of the situation and also, the virus itself. Command began requesting samples of the virus. The team was now tasked with "Search, Destroy and Collect" orders. Collection of many samples from as many corners of the region as possible. Doing so, raised exposure levels both from the authorities and the virus itself. The mission has been progressing mostly successful up until now, with minimal setbacks. However, communications with the team has been lost recently when a scheduled "check in" was missed. Back channel methods for contact failed as well. The status of the team is currently unknown.
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