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  1. In late January 2020, Artyom Alexey left his home in Vladivostok to meet his wife who had gone to visit family just outside of Moscow. However, days later there was media coverage of a disease which was hospitalising people. Alexey knew that he had to move quickly to Moscow before any sort of quarantine was put into place. Artyom used his car to drive to the banks of Lake Baikal into Irkutsk when he received a transmission from his wife via radio who told him that they were being put into a tightly controlled lockdown. Alexey knew that he could not waste time and again drove as quick as he could to Novosibirsk. On arrival, stricter measures were put into place locking down the whole city meaning Alexey couldn’t enter and nobody could leave. Alexey’s car was now out of fuel and with no way to enter the city to get any Alexey began to walk. Alexey thought to himself that if he avoided the large population settlements on route to Moscow then he would not be affected by the lockdown measures. After weeks of walking and enduring the harshest conditions nature could throw at him, Alexey finally got to the small family home outside of Moscow. Alexey’s wife told him that she had been exposed to the virus but was told that she was well enough to return home. Alexey stayed there for a month or so but his wife’s condition kept deteriorating slowing due to the infection she had a month prior. One morning in April, Alexey went to wake his wife up who was sleeping in the bedroom. He could hear a strange moaning coming from the room. Concerned that his wife was struggling with her health again, Alexey burst into the room to be met by his wife bleeding from her eyes and nose. Alexey tried to communicate with her but she turned to face him and screamed loudly in pain before rushing at him. His wife attacked him trying to bite him and scratch at him leaving Alexey with no choice but to mercy kill his wife using a hatchet the family normally used to chop wood. Broken and destroyed with grief he buried his wife and left the house. He was aware of the news of rioting in major populated areas and the martial law so decided to head West away from the cities to hide out in the Tula Oblast forests, staying there until very late May 2020. Alexey’s struggle, starting in Vladivostok and finishing in Tula, forced him to learn his survival skills. The death of his wife and the atrocities he had seen on the road to Tula made him resent the weak and respect the powerful. He knew the only way to survive in this new world was to take what he could from people no matter the cost in lives. He learned scavenging, diplomacy, survival and hunting to the point where he became an expert. When civilization totally collapsed, Alexey found himself a new place to call home. The region of Chernarus where he would stay until this day.
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