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  1. Vincent was a poor kid on the east end of Montreal being raised by his mother and visited by his father the great don of the Russian mob Dominic Bastrop however being the bastard son of the don, Vincent was never looked upon in the same manner as Dominic's other son Alexander Bastrop. Vincent in an effort to help his mother Maria and be seen more favorable to the his father and the mob. Vincent began studying medicine from the age 12 eventually becoming well versed in medicine despite any formal training in school. by the time Vincent turned 17 he had been in several shoot outs, killed a man, removed bullets from mob enforcers, and saved his father's life after being poisoned by his Wife Dasha Bastrop. Once the dust was settled Dominic was informed by his higher ups that Vincent was too valuable to stay in the Canadian Russian mob so he was sent to Russia to work for the Godfather of the Russian mob who was based in Lopotevgrad and in return for his relocation his mother would never have to work again in her life and live a peaceful life in Florida of USA under mob protection mean while in Lopotevgrad Vincent worked at the underground hospital as the head doctor for the mob. As time passed patients started arriving with a flu never before seen and only 24 hours after they had arrived men starting biting each other amongst the chaos Vincent sneaked out the back and fled into the streets seeing the chaos around he fled the city and wandered the country seeing as the world around had gone into madness he casted off his affiliations to his old mob life as he believed this was his punishment for all the evil deeds he played a part in when working for the mob.
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