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  1. Joseph P Moreno Goes by Moreno primarily. Don't ask him what his middle name is. He'll tell you, but it wont be pleasant. Its said his father was a rough dock worker, and drinker. Joseph grew up through some pretty rough child abuse. When he was 14 his father died searching the bottom of a liquor bottle. All the abuse he had endured at this point was enough to turn him into a pretty careless, self centered, and nihilist type of personality. Though he never sought harm to others, if he was crossed, the old mans anger would show in little Josephs eyes. You knew when he was angry. Even though Joe hated and resented his father, even after his death. He still sought his acceptance. The old mans friends would take little Joseph under their care, and show much sympathy. Josephs fathers was into some pretty dark business. Business even Joes mother didn't know of. He had very close ties to the mob. Most thought the mob to be long gone, but Joe soon found that to be very far from the truth. It was a very black market type of community. Operated underneath other groups as a cover. If the mob was caught, they weren't the ones the cops busted. They knew how to operate secretly. Not much is known of Joes time in the mob. Only Joe knows. Word is Joe made a deal with the feds, and turned Rat. Others say, he was cornered, and had no choice. Either way, Joe was being moved into witness protection and the chopper he was on had been shot down somewhere over Chernarus. Joe, was the only survivor. Now, it seems he had a new chance. And without "protection" from the US Government since all passengers are thought to be dead. Now, Joe has a new type of survival.
  2. Thankyou! I just got my whitelist accepted!!! I’ll be on this evening at some point!
  3. Hello, wanted to introduce myself. I've just completed that Whitelist application last night. Really looking forward to getting approved so I can get started! Im sorta new to RP but I have done some in the past in other games and DayZ seems like the perfect setting for just that. I have 200 hours logged in mostly official servers but a few in modded ones as well. Ill be Role Playing as Andrew Roedelius, from the US. And I'll be going by my last name primarily, Roedelius! Hope to run into you in your travels!
  4. Andrew Roedelius, raised homeless in the streets of Indianapolis, Indiana most of his life. Never knew his family, never found a purpose. Ran away from foster care at the age of 8 and found his own way. Through the years spent surviving on the streets, Andre met many types of folk. Good, bad, and the ugly. By the time he was 14 he had a few trust worthy set of friends he would tent up with under the overpasses just outside the local library. Those friendships meant a lot to Andrew. Kassie was the most important. Kassie lit up Andrew's world. For the first time in his entire life. He had purpose. Andrew and Kass stuck side by side for the next 5 years. By the time Andrew was 19, he got himself and Kassie off the streets. They had a fairly decent apartment on the south side of town, and He had himself a real job at the Old Town Butcher Shop. Working hard to pay for Kassie to get the schooling she desperately wanted. In 2014 Kassie Made an amazing discovery about her family. She found her Mother. Her name was Elise Strogel. And she lived in the Chernarus. It didnt matter what Andrew said about the political climate in that part of the world. Kassie was set to find her Mother whom she never met. She left for Chernarus in July 2019. Shortly after the outbreak began... He hadnt been able to get into contact with Kassie for nearly 2 months. When he finally gave in. He was going to smuggle himself into Chernarus. And find his Kassie.
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