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  1. Hawdy, my name is Brayden Reed, I was born in the US of A, in Texas, Dallas. I was born in 04/02/1996 as a pretty fat baby, my life was pretty awesome, living the American dream, dating high school chicks, throwing beer pong parties, jesus the drugs my body consumed is ridiculo.., uhm, back to my story. So yeah here i am, 19 years old (10/17/2015), a college dropout searching my own wave in the mysterious Life. To be honest i was pretty lucky my father had an awesome job as a Chief Administrator in a huge Tech company so he offered me a deal, I will get my College A.A Degree and he will pay for my Government and Public Administration Law school which i was so admired about. So yeah daddy the deal is confirmed the year is 2017 and yes daddy you son Brayden is finishing his A.A degree and signing for the Law School he always wanted. At the beginning of January 2018 everything was so calm until dad got his phone call from a huge Tech company from Israel offering him a deal which he cannot refuse. Before i continue the story i just have to let you know, from now on, everything is about to go SIDEWAYS. It is March 2018, Sunday morning, to be honest it was a pretty unusual morning, something felt not right, sunny morning but yet, rainy and cloudy, you can tell something is about to happen. We started this Sunday morning as we always did, Mom cooked our breakfast, Dad is sitting on the couch reading his Wall St. Journal, and me? I can tell that something is wrong so im just laying on the the floor in the living room staring at the ceiling trying to enjoy the moment. Suddenly the phone starts ringing, you know those times when you just feel something bad is about to happen and you get those odd goosebumps ? It was 2 minutes of pure silence, you couldn't even hear the rain dropping on our roof or the thunders striking outside.. Mom drops the phone along with the pot she had in her left hand, '' Mrs.Reed ? I am sorry to announce this but your test for Lungs Cancer are came back and they are positive ''. That is all Mom could hear before dropping her phone on the ground not controlling her body. You had to see Dad, how he jumped off the couch running towards her holding her head against his chest while tapping her shoulder. Me ? I was sitting on the floor observing the whole situation while being shocked not realizing that Mom is about to..go? March 2019, It is Wednesday morning, but now we live in a town called Kfar Saba which is located in Israel. Yes, Dad accepted the deal in Israel and yes unfortunately Mom passed away, But we are not breakable, we try to keep things as usual, as it used to be, I miss Mom, so is Dad.. But we are trying to get the best out of everything, I learned Hebrew, to be honest i started learning Hebrew back at the States so i'm pretty savage when it comes to communicating with the Israeli people. It is December 2019, and i have to tell you something... I know why Dad came to Israel, and i know that the Tech company is actually a medicine company created in order to deal with all kinds of viruses. I heard Dad speaking on the phone to someone important, an Israeli politician or something, and he said the words Frenzied Flu which at first confused me but .. lets wait for the next month shall we? It is January 2020 we are celebrating the new year with our friends from Israel and Dad's phone rings. Dad runs towards me while wearing his coat around him whispering me he has to go and he will be back in a few days, I'm standing there shrugging my shoulder like okaaayy.... March 2020. So my Father told me he traveled to a place called Chernarus and that he was staying there for the past two months. He always kept me calm and not worried, until the day I heard about the Frenzied Flu, I heard it started in Chernarus, I heard about the Israeli Medicine company sending my Father there to close a deal on testing an antidot. By May 2020 Brayden got himself a bag full of weapons, his Father's boat and a motivation which will keep him hunting and not stopping until he finds a trace of his Father. He is now on his way to Chernarus to start his newly unknown life.
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