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  1. Born in Manchester I had a nice early life, my brother and I rarely fought and loved going out together to play. The feeling of having a safe house and neighborhood to live in was cozy and made a place that i called home. I had many friends in school where i was interested in arts and design and anything to do with craftsmanship. Dreams of being a police officer and just helping out a community is what i wanted to do and still is. I love the feeling of helping someone out and knowing that i was a significant part in their life or just made them smile. I was still single but happy with how my life was. Everything was perfect. But then one day everything fell, disaster struck. After the outbreak, i've been searching for my long lost brother. The dramatic fight we had trying to keep the zombies away from our house lead to a fight between us two, distracting us from the zombies allowing them to creep in and kill our parents. I ran away in order to stay alive and haven't heard from my brother since then. My hopes and dreams now are to find a nice, safe settlement where i can start a new life and possible a new community to join to work as a team and survive this horrible crisis that ruined everyones lives .
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