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  1. Hi my name is Chappy,and if you are reading this then you seem to be a bit interested in me.let me start off by saying that my earliest memories were Not good....... They were GREAT.i mean i lived in a forest with my mother and father.i called them mom and dad but at about ten they told me that they werent my true parents.they said about five years prior that they had been attacked by a group of people that wanted what they had.thats really all they said about them.but during the chaos of them defending their belongings there were deaths and things left behind.guess what,i was one of the things left behind.and my parents are truly good people,so you can probably guess the rest of the story.they took me in and raised me as their own blah blah blah. my mom was a real homebody.She didnt venture out with my dad and me hardly ever.But there was also a lot of the time i was there with her learning the things about the house that a person needs to know to get through life and to just make a good home.i really didnt enjoy washing clothes,cooking food and cleaning.dont get me wrong there was things she taught me that i did enjoy like getting the fire place going and woodworking.oh,she also taught me how if your really hungry there is certain roots in the ground which happened to grow around our house that you could boil down and eat and they were very filling,believe it or not. there is a lot more she taught me but i really wanna tell you about the adventures i had with my Dad out on THE HUNT.Man oh Man did i love hunting when i was young.i mean im not saying i dont still enjoy it,but back then if for some reason i didn't wanna go I didn't have to go.Not that it happened very often but there was times when I maybe didn't get enough sleep or wasn't feeling good that i just told dad i just wasnt up to it.but now it is a necessity that i go ,that is if I wanna live,so we would go out on hunts out in the Wasteland sometimes for weeks and Always bring something home .and at times we would venture into Nyheim and aquire the things that we werent able to get from the woods surrounding our home.let me tell you the city is full of horrible things ,Mainly just horrible human beings.some diseased and some just like i said,Horrible.but if you could deal with the filth yopu could get whatever you want.So the last trip Dad and i took into Nyheim we were followed back home.What followed was to my knowledge the very worst day ive had my entire life.They camein while we were sleeping and caught us off guard.These diseased people just dont stop.the sound of my mother screaming was what i remember hearing first and after that i dont remember a lot.just gun shots,and the sound of dad losing his life.There was nothing i could do to help them,NOTHING!So i ran and ran and ran.i vaguely remember crawling into this cave and passing out.I was on my own for the first time and not ready for it.but i did the only thing i could when i awakened into a new lonely world.i went looking for a new life to live.
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