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  1. Aleks was born in Belgrade Serbia to a American mother and a Serbian war veteran father, when Aleks was five his family decided to move out west to where his mother was from in Kalispell Montana. Since arriving in the states he was treated as a outcast and was bullied for it for all of his childhood. By the time he was in high school he had attempted suicide twice both time failing and his father always finding him and beating him for being a coward. By the time Aleks graduated high school his father disowned him and kicked him out, Having nowhere to go he joined the Army thinking it was the only place for him to go and he was right, Aleks loved the military it was the one place he felt like he wasn't a outsider. During one of his tours in Afghanistan he was shot twice in the chest going through his plates, After being medevac'd back to base he was shipped to Germany to recover he met a man who offered him a new job "Hey Holey Jones, I'm starting a Private Militia Company we're named Redmonton Security, we are hired by Vought Consolidated as a security detail for them and their researchers and scientists in foreign lands. I've got the building blocks sorted, I just need guys who are willing to keep their mouths shut about what they see and what we are doing. The pay is top end better than anything you'd get paid from your armed service. I've asked a few others who might be interested and I'm hoping you might be the same. Here's my contact details if you're interested and I should be stationed here for the for see able future if you need to speak to me about more details. By the way, I'm Kristof." From then on he begin working as a contractor going from protecting a convoy of medicine to sitting on a boat protecting it from pirates, Its now June 2020 Him and his squad have been tasked with protecting a group of scientist on a island called Namalsk.
  2. Nathen was born and raised by a poor hunters family in a small town called Hico, Texas. During the early years of his childhood Nathen's father would take him hunting and teach him how to survive in the woods for days alone. During high school Nathen would meet the love of his wife Monika. After highschool Nathen would marry Monika at 18 and began working at a local butchery while his wife went to collage. Whilst working in the butchery he learnt how to skin and prepare animal carcasses which helped him on his future hunts, he would also sell some of his larger kills to the butchery as he had no use for all of his kills. After he realised he would earn more money from selling his kills, he quit his job to sell his kills. He the found out that selling the meat and fur separately he would earn more money to help himself and Monika whilst she was in college.When Monika finished college some years later she went on to become a stock broker and she was darn good at her job. She earned promotion after promotion. Nathan travelled regularly selling his furs and meats in different states as this brought more money and it was handy due to Monika always being on the move with work. at the age of 26 Monika received an offer she couldn't turn down and moved to Chernarus with Nathan, they settled down in Zvir to start with as it was the cheapest area to move to, this made Nathan happy due to the local mountainous areas that were home to rabbits and deer, the money was so much better here compared to back home. After a few trips to the local bar he over heard some locals speaking about a hunt further north towards Tisy, they were out after bears and wolves. This is where he would meet Marcus Anthony and from there on the 2 would often go on hunts together. Around 2018 Nathan had been graced with 2 beautiful children. He would then go on late hunts with Marcus, these would turn out to be more rewarding. At the start of 2020 Caedesviridae Infection started, Nathen decided to stock up on meat and try and wait every thing out. come late February Monika had been placed on a sick leave till everything calms down, In the following months the government would come daily knocking on random peoples door saying they were infected and forced them out of their homes and move to one of their secret facilities. Luckily Nathen's family wasn't chosen, After hearing about major testing sites and evacuation zones Nathen decided to take his family to the closest one to him in the town of zelenogorsk. Once Nathen arrives at the testing site they notice its completely looted and abandoned having lived in remote part of country only hearing rumors about things happening all around the country, Trying to figure out what to do next They hear screams up the road from them Nathen begins getting his children and wife back into the car when he looks towards where the screams came from he sees mutant like things eating someone in the street. As Nathen got into the car calming his family down as he begin driving back to Zvir not caring for anything around him other then to keep his family safe he almost hits what he thought was someone in the road swerving out of the way hitting a nearby pole knocking him Unconscious.
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