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  1. As a child always wanted to venture to different places. Hoping to find different cultures, landmarks and more. She studied english so when she finally got the chance to go places she could at least communicate with most people. She always went backpacking whenever she had some time off. Going to nearby mountains or woods. or even walking the coastline. Until one day she got back into town and noticed in a newspaper an international containership was looking for extra people to hire for: cleaning, security, assistant, cook and much more. She immediately went to the containership that was currently docked nearby her town. upon arrival one of the crew mentioned that all applications were filled and there was no more space. Sam was devistated as this might have been a chance for Sam to go explore the world. She doesnt have family since she was given away as a baby to a family that didnt really love her. She turned away and sadly started to walk away.. The crewmember stopped her and asked how much she would like to join the crew and ship. she said that it would mean the world to her. she went on the ship and talked to the captain on a task for her. the captain decided that it would be a good idea to keep her with the communications crew. So there she spent a couple of weeks in the comms department though she didnt really enjoy it that much and often went out on the deck of the ship and just take in the ocean air. until one day and alarm broke out and the captain gathered everyone for a meeting. turns out there is some kind of virus spreading everywhere and she ship is not allowed to dock nor come near any coast. the first task i got was to count our food and water supply and calculate how long we could last. other crewmembers got different tasks like: check fuel, check comms. another week goes by. Sam suddenly gets woken up by screams in the halls. She stands up and looks around to see people people attacking eachother... completely losing their minds.. as soon as she decided she needed to leave as soon as possible she got spotted. she ran towards the lifeboats and jumped in it just in time. the lifeboat instantly dropped into the water and slowly she drifted away as the ship disappeared in the fog. she remembers not seeing a single other rational person on the ship as she ran towards the boats. she wonders if anyone else survived... after 18 hours of just floating about and getting exhausted from lack of food and water she passes out.... Until suddenly she wakes up... On land... Where is she?
  2. Thank you that cleared it up for me enough to continue!
  3. i see.. so i could use an image i find on google images if the it looks a lot like the character i am building?
  4. Hi there i am new and got to the point of creating a character but it requires to upload a picture. now i am confused if this has to be a picture of your character wich would be hard to do cause i am creating it right now in the mind. so i am not exactly sure what the image needs to be exactly. if someone could explain it a little better id be so happy.
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